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Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, online commerce has seen a huge increase in the last year. According to the Mastercard SpendingPulse report, an indicator of retail sales, Brazilian e-commerce grew by 75% in 2020.

With that in mind, many businesses have adapted to the digital market, migrating to different platforms such as sales apps and business websites.

So if you're thinking about opening a E-commerce or migrate your business to the online platform, regardless of industry, as a car rental company. screw compressor, continue with us on this content! Here we will explain the best ways to promote your store and leverage your sales following the future of consumption!

E-mail marketing

Although many think that emails have been replaced by social media, know that email marketing strategy is one of the most effective in online sales. After all, he is the main and first contact that the customer offers when performing a digital registration.

Therefore, you can offer promotions to subscribers who haven't actually made the deal, such as a percentage discount on their first purchases, for example. This coupon can also be created from an item of interest to the registered, such as a glove.

Therefore, it is important to create email marketing campaigns aimed at different audience profiles. Thus, with a constant and relevant message flow, you will attract consumers interested in your products and buying advantages.

Social Media

As we said before, email has not been replaced by social media, becoming the main means of contact for negotiations. However, you can bet on the dynamism of these platforms to attract your audience! With that in mind, it is important to promote your products and services on the networks as a showcase.

Thus, it is worth betting on interactive posts, such as quizzes about the items offered in stories on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, photos of the content present in the store's catalog, disclosure of special packaging, such as a cardboard box personalized with the customer's name, for example, and more!

Search Engine Optimization

O Search Engine Optimization it is a strategy that is becoming bigger and more used. Generating a site optimization to ensure better positions in search engine results, SEO is an organic way to ensure more hits on your web page.

With the use of a more objective text structure, catchy titles, friendly URLs, specific keywords (usually the most used terms for searches related to a topic, item or service) and much more, your site will receive many more hits through a strategy that does not require investments.

paid advertising

Now that you understand about SEO, a free way to generate more hits on your webpage, it's time to learn more about paid ads.

Therefore, social networks such as Facebook and Instagram allow the dissemination of paid advertisements on their platforms. With perfect cost control, you'll be able to define the amount that will be invested and will have an estimate of reach of your ads according to the payment.

Google Ads, on the other hand, can help your sales by putting your business in the spotlight from searches related to your area of ​​expertise. Also, you can select different ad formats.

With these tips, it was easy to leverage the sales of your E-commerce. So the time has come to make you better known! Start putting the information in this content into practice and get excellent results in your online business!

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This article was written by the team at Industrial Solutions.

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