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Que empresa não deseja impactar mais clientes todos os dias? Entregar a solução certa, ao cliente certo, na hora certa? Um dos principais recursos para se obter sucesso na internet são os links patrocinados. Afinal, eles impactam diretamente no fluxo de orçamentos de um negócio.

What company doesn't want to impact more customers every day? Deliver the right solution to the right customer at the right time?

One of the main resources for success on the internet is sponsored links. After all, they impact who actually makes good business sense.

Through Google Ads, generating revenue through assertive lead capture is possible.

However, there are still many questions about how this strategy works in practice. What are the best practices to do “less with more”.

In other words: how to generate lots of leads without paying so much for them?

In addition to Google Ads that makes your website grow, ADS also works with Instagram and Facebook Ads, so that your work is also successful in the most used social networks in the world.

Google Ads is the google ads platform. When someone performs a search for a specific keyword on the platform, it is through google ads that sponsored links are displayed to users.

Understanding how Google Ads works and what are its advantages is a huge difference for you who want to attract more and new customers to your site.

In this article we will talk and explain what it is, what benefits it will bring you and how to use not only Google Ads but also Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

Happy reading!

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google's online advertising platform. Previously, it was known as Google Adswords, but now with its abbreviation “ADS”.

His proposal is basic and simple, which is to show a really relevant ad. And, of course, deliver exactly what people are looking for.

And how does this happen? Simple! As soon as the user searches for a keyword on the platform that has to do with your website, it will be shown in the form of an ad.

Whenever a person searches or does a Google search, he has an intention behind, whether to buy a specific product or even understand about the product.

That's when she makes it clear what she's looking for.

Additionally, there are several ad formats possible via Google Ads. These ads can be displayed on video, appear in specific areas, banners and more.

Therefore, sites that are partners with Google gain more visibility and thus manage to stay on the first page of search engines.

Of course, it's not just about being a Google partner, it's also about having a good website!

This large group of partners, by the way, are part of the Display Network. And Youtube is included.

The video platform, Youtube, is the second largest search engine in the world, second only to Google. Alas, the importance of putting marketing strategies to work grows.

If you are thinking of expanding your network to gain new customers, also focus on good videos with the keywords that are ideas and that matter. Thus, your company will conquer two channels and thus gain more visibility.

Types of Ads Ads

As mentioned before, the possibilities are several for those who want to advertise their product through Google Adwords. And it's up to you, the user, to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Always remember when you get to know your persona to understand what she likes most (video, photo, advertisement). What else will draw attention?

And that's the point: to attract the persona into your company.

Let's talk a little about the possibilities that the company opens for you to be able to attract the public.

Search Network

This type of campaign is useful for anyone who wants to be found through Google searches.

Your goal is to receive ad clicks, or conversions. “Conversion” can be defined by the advertiser as follows. Let's say you want users to fill out forms on your website.

For example, for this you determine that a conversion will be filling out a form. Or any other action you want users to take within your site.

So if people search for your services on Google, it's worth investing in this type of campaign.

So let's say you own a restaurant in São Paulo. You can create ads that will show when people search for keywords such as:

  • "restaurant";
  • “to have lunch in São Paulo”;
  • “à la carte restaurant”.

All people who are researching from the city of São Paulo will be impacted.

Google knows where searches are being done based on the IP address. From there, it shows the ads just for them.

Google Ads search results are displayed in a different location than organic Google search results.

The ranking of a page in organic search does not influence the ranking of a sponsored link, and vice versa.

In addition, search network ads can also be extended to search partners.

In this type of campaign you pay for each click received on your ads.

Google Shopping

For those who have an e-commerce and want to advertise their product catalog, Google Shopping is an alternative.

Promoting the products and bringing traffic to the website, generating more leads or attracting people to the physical store are possible actions.

If you want to advertise on Google Shopping, you need to submit your product data to Google Merchant Center.

This is done using a data feed. Usually a file containing product information, images as well as prices and conditions.

This helps Google use information from the feed and relate it to what people are looking for,

With this information, Google Adwords will be able to dynamically create ads. These will be displayed across the Search Network and across the Display Network.

It's quite different from traditional Google Ads ads. That's because people will have an almost complete picture of the product being sold before they make a click.

Product photo, title, price, store name, everything that is relevant to the user is delivered right away – and this helps in the customer's purchase decision making.

Display network

These are the famous banners. This type of campaign doesn't work with text ads, but with image ads.

Banners are displayed only to Display Network partners.

Maybe you've already noticed that, right after searching for a product on Google, most of the sites As you visit, advertisements for products similar to the ones you searched begin to appear.

These banners we call Display Network ads.

However, despite being widely used to drive conversions, ads on the Display Network are not always intended for that purpose.

This type of campaign is also widely used for branding (branding).

In it, the intention of the campaign is the visualization of advertising pieces by the user so that they know the brand.

In this case, the objective of the campaign is just the visualization (not the click). Therefore, the cost is calculated using the CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions).

Printing is nothing more than displaying the banner. So you pay the cost every thousand times your ad is displayed.

Youtube Ads

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is accessed daily by hundreds of thousands of people.

And it's searched for literally everything: tips, news, how-to, tutorial, entertainment, and more.

So, because you belong to Google, we can't leave you out of the AdWords Display Network.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people access YouTube and watch over six billion hours of videos. They are people looking for entertainment, information, tips and solutions to problems.

No wonder YouTube has become the second largest online search engine, second only to Google itself.

YouTube belongs to Google. For this reason (and the absurd number of visits), I wouldn't be left out of the AdWords Display Network.

There are many possibilities for creating ads within the video platform.

You can also define when and where an ad – video, of course – will appear. And also determine the audience formed. This, of course, with people who have the ideal customer profile (ICP) of your business.

So, these are some of the possible ads you can do to get your brand and business high on Google's search engines.

But, remember: it's no use being a Google partner, paying for paid traffic and not having improvements on your website or your social network.

Google knows who is creating content and creating news to get more consumer attention.

If you're not doing any of this, even if you're contributing to Google Ads it won't put you on the first page so that the customer can come in faster and get to know your product.

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