Best website hosting companies in Brazil: see which ones they are!
In this article we will explain you about the website hosting companies in Brazil and which ones are the best. To learn more about it, click here!
best website hosting companies

What are the best brazilian website hosting companies and why. Comparative Guide

Do you know which are the best website hosting companies in Brazil? In this article we explain you!

When thinking about a website, the first thing that comes to mind is the design, its visual identity. “It has to be beautiful”, is what every business owner who wants to put their brand on the internet says.

He's not wrong, because this is the first message that his client will have access to when navigating that page, but whoever thinks it's just that is wrong.

The site needs to run somewhere. It needs to be located in a location that provides it with security, storage capacity and, perhaps most importantly today, a search ranking. 

What does that mean? That when the consumer searches for a certain product, via the search platform, your website will be among the first, or perhaps, at the top of the list. 

And for that, it doesn't have to be pretty, it needs to achieve a degree of relevance that makes the algorithms find it.

How to do this? Looking for a web structure that makes you functional, agile and secure, and more, keep you online. To do so, he needs to be in good accommodation. 

 What to look for in website hosting

Guaranteed stability, security, added services and fast page loading. These are some of the basic elements to evaluate when hiring a hosting service.

This is because, in order to become relevant and, thus, appear among the main sites in the search for certain content, the page needs to be on the air for as long as possible. 

In other words, the platform must remain active all the time, and this will only be possible if you are on a hosting that delivers this function.

After all, it's the one that guarantees a web structure capable of providing services, links, uploads, among others. 

By the way, the quick loading of the tabs must be another fundamental point to make the platform credible, as well as the security of information and links. 

Currently, a robust website needs to provide a series of services that allow direct dialogue with the company, or better knowledge about the product. 

Therefore, in addition to reliability, hosting must allow the website to use resources that are easy to connect to the company, such as email, social networks, contacts, all with easy and intuitive access, allowing, through a click, a agile and direct upload.

Best Website Hosting Companies


Created in 1998, this was the first website hosting company in Brazil. With a 100% national structure, it has always sought solutions for cloud computing. A great option for those who support national investors. 

But she doesn't figure in the best list for that reason alone. Over time, it has become a reliable and quality hosting service, as it provides the customer with an intuitive platform, with 24-hour support by phone and chat, with a very interesting cost-benefit ratio.

In topics, we can highlight:

  • Cloud computing solutions
  • 24-hour service
  • Interesting value for money


Always on the lookout for the latest in the market, KingHoster is known for its ability to quickly incorporate new technologies into its service portfolio.

It is also considered one of the best website hosting companies by Reclame Aqui, due to the agile and efficient support it offers to the client.

Besides, it works with Vanish Cache servers, which increases the website's performance in its upload capacity. All this makes it a quality host.

Some highlights:

  • Fast and efficient support
  • Quick modernization
  • Accelerated performance 


It is a multinational, which accepts payment in real, and this is an increasingly common feature, especially in this type of company. 

Perhaps because she is not Brazilian, she does not offer support via phone, only via chat. Still, it does a real-time service.

It appears among the best website hosting companies, because it offers a secure and stable service, above all, stable, and therefore, also reliable.

Generally, perform promotional plans, as well as extra bonus packages like free SSL and unlimited email account. 

Stands out for:

  • Platform stability
  • Promotional packages
  • Real-time service


Considered one of the most reliable website hosting companies in Brazil, Hostinger offers the lowest cost in the market with packages starting at R$ 4,49 per month, one of the best for small businesses or individual entrepreneurs 

The Premium plan, which includes all hosting features, costs R$8,99. And there are still packages that allow you to host 100 sites (shared hosting), as long as visits reach 25 thousand monthly.

Hostinger also offers a 30-day guarantee to the customer so that he can feel secure and test his website with confidence.

Its highlights are:

  • reliable and secure
  • Best value for money
  • 30 days warranty


From the name, you can already know that Godaddy is not Brazilian, but it has already expanded its operations to Brazil, including even telephone support for Brazilian customers.

It has been operating for many years in the international market and, in addition, it has been dedicated to Brazil offering different plans for different sizes of companies.

Worldwide, it is known for providing quality, safety as well as efficiency. In addition, it has 24-hour support and DDoS.

Important highlights:

  • Telephone support for Brazil
  • First in segment
  • Quality and efficiency

Uol Host

Genuinely Brazilian, Uol Host offers a differentiated service that makes the site faster, it is called resource isolation. 

It works by preventing other users from accessing resources made available to that site, which speeds up the page's response time, since the server is not overly accessed.

If, on the one hand, this feature is important for generating greater stability to the website, then on the other hand, this option can limit access to the website's resources in situations of a greater number of visits than the tool's visits planner.

Still, this alternative results in more efficiency and reliability for the platform, as long as the contracted plan is the most adequate. 

Uol Host was awarded for the quality of customer service. For this reason, it can also be considered one of the best companies in the segment.

Main advantages:

  • resource isolation
  • Best value for money
  • Quality service


Its purpose is to make life easier for the entrepreneur, therefore, it seeks to provide him with a simple and intuitive control and management panel.

In addition, it offers basic plans with the possibility of adding services and features, which can be easily integrated. 

It is, therefore, considered a hosting that looks at the small and micro-entrepreneur, dialoguing with them, through an integrated and easy-to-manage panel.

Your desktop is accessible to anyone, even those less familiar with digital language.

We can highlight:

  • Quality and reliability
  • Intuitive and easy dashboard
  • Customizable packages


One of the best cost-benefits, HostMidia works with a focus on fast loading. For this, it uses SSD disks as well as advanced technologies.

It is that access that when arriving at the page, the resources appear quickly, that is, without the risk of the tool becoming lame, without a piece, or without half of the page, due to a delay in loading. For us, this generates a very bad impression on the user. 

Aware of the quality of the service it offers, HostMidia has plans with unlimited e-mail, free SSL certificate, as well as a 45-day trial period, with the possibility of a refund in case of dissatisfaction or withdrawal. 

Free domain is part of any annual plan. In addition, support is provided 24 hours a day via chat, email or phone.

It is worth mentioning:

  • Fast charging with SSD
  • 45-day trial period
  • 24-hour service


A Brazilian arm of Amazon's cloud infrastructure, Hosnet delivers quality, because it works on that logic of distributing services in the clouds of several machines, ensuring reliability and uptime (time of availability, time on). Both have better performance than other hosts.

So, imagine hosting your website on Amazon, using her cloud computing? This is the idea of ​​those who choose this company. 

It also offers automatic website migration, free SSL certificate, among other services. But I was also an option, naturally, more expensive than the others. 

If, on the one hand, this is an incredible advantage, on the other, it ends up delivering a smaller amount of resources, due to less disk space. 

Let's go to the highlights:

  • Amazon Infrastructure
  • high response time
  • higher cost


This hosting goes beyond competitors' service. First, because it works on demand, creating personalized plans that are especially focused on the client. 

The other point is the possibility of administering the site. Yes, it not only delivers the hosting and contracted resources, but also manages the site after it's ready.

Umbler starts from the premise that by taking care of the website, the entrepreneur will have more time to dedicate to their business.

In order to present the accommodation, Umbler provides a value, a type of credit, which the customer can use to navigate through the panel, knowing its possibilities.

Highlights follow:

  • Custom plans
  • Site administration
  • Customer Test Credit

Why know the features of Best Website Hosting?

After knowing the best sites in Brazil, then it is important to be aware of what your demand needs. 

For example, basic plans generally work well for a total of 30 monthly visits. If your business will require prospecting for a greater amount of clicks, you will need to evaluate the most appropriate plan.

Storage capacity is the disk space to store the websites files. How many are there and what should that size be?

The SSL certificate, which we talk a lot about here, is a fundamental item to ensure security not only between the website server, but also between the client's computer. It is a necessary document.

Uptime is another feature that can take the site to the top spot in search. That's because it ensures availability, the time the page is online. 

Each of these elements, as well as all of them together, will place a site at a prominent level between search algorithms and SEO.

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