Organic Google Search, is it worth it?

This is one of the most common questions among those who deal with the world of digital marketing industry. The idea of ​​generating organic traffic on websites, highlighting them on google, managing to have a large flow of hits is always attractive for websites and blogs, especially those that deal with sales or generate profit from visits.

In these cases, two issues are fundamental: the process of website optimization, which consists of knowing the main strategies for positioning content, making the correct size scales, having links always working and well positioned, having the main information of interest always highlighted, among others. Everything to generate the best user experience, which in turn leads to an increase in the time spent on the site and contributes to increase the flow of accesses and contents seen.

If you are looking to understand how organic google search works and if it actually works. Read this article as it has what you need. In it we will work on the following themes: what is organic search? Why is it important to appear among the first results? How to be among the first in search engines? Organic search on google is right?

What is organic search?

In the world of digital marketing industry there is a series of techniques and concepts that define the practices carried out in the field to generate greater efficiency and quality of work. One of these themes is organic search, defined as the type of search performed on a provider (such as Google, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, among others) and which only shows results referring to those ads that are best referenced online, excluding paid ads.

When you do any search in a search engine, by typing the search terms (called keywords, in the digital marketing industry), the result will depend on several factors, such as the number of hits on the page, time spent on it, your location in relation to the product offered and also the online profile of the person searching. In most cases, the sponsored links will appear first and right below them, the unpaid links, in order of ranking according to the criteria listed by the search engine.

In the case of organic search, these first links (sponsored by payment) are excluded and all results displayed are through the user experience, this is why this technique is so important and well regarded within the industry. When performing an organic search, the user can be sure that he is only receiving the best results, geared exclusively to his profile and needs.

Organic search is often a great indication of how reliable certain sites are and can be a big difference when deciding between two competitors in the same industry. It is certainly something to be aware of within the world of digital marketing industry.

Why is it essential to be among the top search engines?

In a simple and straightforward way: being among the first results of online searches is a sign of reliability and efficiency. Surveys show that customers tend to see companies that have their links shown first organically as references in their field, thus being more inclined to buy their products and consult their opinions for services.

Being well positioned in searches also marks the relevance of the content of the site in question, since most search engines, especially Google, analyze a series of metrics to give their results, seeking the best user experience and creating dynamic rankings where websites can move up and down according to their characteristics and general public approval.

When it comes to organic traffic, or the flow of hits on a website, being well positioned in online searches has a huge weight, as research also shows that the probability of a customer entering the first links in a natural, and almost unreflective, way, it's vastly bigger than it going down the page in search of more information. What also counts for the user experience and continues to generate feedback for search engines like Google.

Speaking of Google, the giant in the digital world is probably the company with the greatest reference among online search engines and its website has a flow of millions of hits per minute, so when it comes to organic search, it's really worth it via google, since its ranking and evaluation methods of the user experience they are some of the best on the market and the possibility of finding the best option for what the customer is looking for is only growing.

What to do to appear at the top of search engines?

Now that we've worked out why it's important to be among the first, it's necessary to dedicate some time and attention to how to be there, since it's no use knowing the importance of the tool if we're not able to use it to our advantage.

in the business of digital marketing industry there are some issues that are critical to consolidating a site with the best information for Google metrics and rankings. They are largely based on the quality of the user experience, insofar as the site brings good references or guarantees the resolution of the customer's search motive and it is also important that the site is adapted for mobile devices, which is called mobile friendly.

Let's cover some of the key techniques to stand out in Google's organic search.

First, invest in content production. This is a fundamental question. To have relevant content on topics of interest in your area of ​​expertise and of interest to your clients greatly enhances your ability to be ranked well in surveys. Have a tab with articles on the main themes worked or reports from the user experience with your product are great ways to attract a positive flow of hits. Quality content can even be easily shared to reach new audiences and generate even more interest and relevance for your website.

Second, use the right keywords. Much of what is done in digital marketing industry it involves the use of keywords, specific terms that link themes to certain results. For example, when searching for “drawing to color”, searchers will treat these three words as a keyword, searching the networks for the best results for when they are used together. Getting your keywords right in the production of your content is another fundamental step to leverage your site's position in search engine rankings.

Third, learn about and use the techniques Search Engine Optimization. One of the main techniques to make your website content more relevant and more likely to be noticed by search engines is Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization, or translating search engine optimization). With it, your keywords are easier to be recognized by Google and automatically improve your position among search rankings. It is possible to use the techniques Search Engine Optimization both in the construction of the website and in the production of articles for it, both enhance the final result.

And last but not least, having a highly responsive website adapted for mobiles and tablets also counts for a lot. One of the things that most demotivate customers when entering a website is finding themselves in a poorly organized space, where fundamental information is not presented quickly and which does not easily lead to the solution of the problem. Another issue is sites that take time to load and/or are not mobile friendly. Therefore, the best method to create a site that stands out is to centrally position the most important information and presentation of the products, leaving links to the various parts of the site organized in an easily accessible area, as well as having information about social networks and contacts generally. In addition to investing in adapting to mobile devices.

Does organic search with Google give the same result?

To finish this article, it's time to answer the question we asked ourselves at the beginning. After identifying what organic search is, how it is done and organized, its importance, how to stand out in front of the search engines that do it… the question that remains is: is it worth doing organic search on Google? And the answer is definitely yes.

in the business of digital marketing industry, Google is one of the most trusted and recognized companies, its productions are at the top of the world reviews and its ranking methods are a reference for both customers and competitors. So, when performing an organic search on Google, we have the company's reliability supporting the response to our search.

The links provided by Google and rated by it as the best generally follow all the steps highlighted in the previous paragraphs and have the highest response in the item user experience, precisely because the metrics are so advanced. So, if you are looking for quality and reliability when performing an organic search for online content, then Google is one of the best options for you. Whatever your need or interest, do the search and let the metrics do the heavy lifting, surely finding the best answers to your questions.

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