How to create a website for real estate? See what the best options are!

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Website creation for real estate, what are the best options? 

Are you a realtor or a real estate owner and want to know how to create a website? So this information will certainly be useful. You will know what opportunities the contemporary real estate website opens up for real estate deals. How to get a website like this? Which real estate website creation platform is best suited? What you should pay attention to when creating a website for real estate deals and much more.

There is absolutely nothing that is not being bought or sold online. Even when talking about high value transactions, such as those seen in real estate markets, it is common knowledge that research that eventually lead to the culmination of such deals starts and is appropriated through real estate websites. 

Whether it's a commercial or residential property sale or a brokerage service that relies on connecting buyers and sellers, the real estate website has opened up great business success opportunities for realtors. Here's a quick look at how a real estate website can be a powerful lead generation. But also as a prospect conversion tool for any real estate business

How can a website help your real estate?

With a rich and visually pleasing website, you have the opportunity to impress people before they even visit the property. And it can also build a strong reputation for quality and professionalism.

You can submit your real estate website to real estate directories and thus give yourself huge chances to attract people looking for real estate in your area.

With marketing tools like newsletters as well as contact forms, you can easily build a database of leads that your reps can track and target.

Event management tools help you easily transmit information about important events such as auctions

And that's just a small percentage of all the massive benefits you can enjoy with the help of a good real estate website. You can only realize the full potential of a real estate website once you have one up and running. 

Fortunately, you won't have to invest several hours or piles of money to have your own real estate website that you can use to do everything mentioned above, as well as much more. 

With drag and drop styled as well as website builder-based menus offering designer real estate templates and dedicated resources, you're just minutes away from your website. Because, you make a choice of the builder you want to work with. 

Introducing you to 4 top rated website builders for real estate websites. Each of which is powerful enough to help you increase the efficiency and revenue of your real estate business.

Wix to create real estate website

For those not new to the world of website creation, Wix is ​​a household name, mainly because of the impressive spread of its themes and the customization flexibility that goes with it. Furthermore, Wix brings together some amazing features that are enough to turn a website into a complete platform. Thus, it can help real estate services get more done in less time. Among the many bundled features are built-in SEO features, newsletter and contact forms, built-in blog and automatic mobile optimization for websites.

Everything you need to weave a custom website – stunning templates complemented with extensive customization features. So it hardly gets better than that, and Wix gives you that mind-blowing website creation experience with its super cool drag and drop website editor. 

Along with the various real estate website templates you can choose from various color schemes and fonts, in addition to experimenting for images, backgrounds and text elements. To make your life easier, Wix offers thousands of free images. In addition, it offers several sources that help you create visually stunning websites for your real estate business.

The best templates for creating a Wix real estate website

All you need are stunning templates complemented with extensive customization features – it hardly gets better than that, and Wix gives you that mind-blowing website creation experience with its super cool drag-and-drop website editor. Along with the various real estate website templates you can choose from various color schemes and fonts, plus experiment to your heart's delight with images, backgrounds and text elements. To make your life easier, Wix offers thousands of free images, along with several sources to help you create visually stunning websites for your real estate business.

Integrated Blogs for Healthy Benefits 

Wix leaves no gaps when it comes to providing tools you can leverage for success through your real estate website. With built-in blogs, you can better connect with your audience by providing them with great content and enabling Facebook comments that act as social media bridges. In addition, you also have Google+ and Facebook Like buttons, as well as the efficient categorization of content through tags, making your blog a great SEO tool. In addition, content elements such as featured post galleries, tag clouds, ticker, and featured lists help you to present your blog in a professional and reliable way.

If that's not enough to impress you, consider the following features offered by Wix:

  • A one-stop social media bar on your web pages that has all the connections to your social networks
  • Contact forms your visitors can process to record their queries and suggestions with you
  • Event management that helps you transmit information about upcoming auctions and other events conveniently and quickly
  • Advanced email newsletter campaign management tools such as a subscribe button, email lists, and email effectiveness measurement
  • Live chat feature that helps you interact quickly as well as clearly with your important leads so you can quickly lead them to the sale


Grabbing space in a competitive real estate market requires a website that is not only visually detailed and content-rich, but also provides a dedicated platform for website administrators to perform all kinds of marketing and lead generation functions that are integral to real estate markets. 

With an easy and agile website creation platform made even more powerful with intuitive content, along with smart widgets and marketing tools like featured listings, search buttons, social media integration and newsletter campaigns, AgentBizzUp is everything this and much more.

How to create a webpage in real time 

Among the most innovative and intuitive features offered by AgentBizzUp is the display of web page creation real-time that lets you see the webpage as it would appear when published right when you're doing all your editing on it. Thus, you are able to make smart choices first, which avoids tweaking and reworking and therefore lands you with a site that completes much faster than the other way around. With the default preset template and the other options you can change to, you also get multiple color schemes, along with custom color options, meaning you have the entire canvas and color palette in front of you to create an awesome website.

Automatically populated content so you have a rich and functionally amazing content site right away – Once you've done the site creation, you can have your site populated with some amazing functionality and content that is critical to boosting your lead generation. Content that offers tips for sellers and buyers, request forms your visitors can use to request market estimates for your property, mortgage calculator that displays monthly payment that would be required for a specific loan amount and repayment period, and a request form of loan.

Modules that make your website an excellent real estate tool for your visitors 

The page module feature offered by AgentBizzzUp is easily among the most differentiating elements of this real estate website creation platform. Modules are none, but smart widgets that you can embed into your pages and improve your visitors' browsing experience. There are several widgets to choose from, right from the Featured Listings widget that allows you to present details of highlighted properties in a visually appealing way to the listings Search module that can help visitors search for the types of properties they are looking for from any page on your website.

For all of you who are looking to leverage an energetic real estate website for market success, here are some other unique features offered by AgentBizzUp:

  • An Event Manager that helps you show information about events such as seminars, conferences and auctions. It also allows you to perform tasks such as adding RSVP forms to event pages
  • Adding your own content and pages is super easy. Well, the HTML text editor AgentBizzUp comes with has all the modern buttons and options of word processing software.
  • Marketing tools such as newsletters, promotions and automatic social media posts that can be run with just a few clicks right from your admin panel
  • From search friendly URLs to meat tags that let you control SEO for your site.


This one is for a real estate website that can't settle for just good design and visually exciting content. It has to be equipped with cool tools that can be easily used to generate leads for the real estate business. With RealEstateSites, you have the perfect balance of design richness and feature richness. Whether it's the easily customizable website creation experience or the plethora of marketing tools like automatic listing submissions, social media integration, newsletter campaign, QR code generator, printable sticker sheets and more – RealEstateSites is a totally packaged package loaded that you can not take lightly.

An end-to-end custom website – beyond the design customizations and presets it provides, the truth is far from it. The editor's modular approach makes it easy to tweak and experiment until you're satisfied with the look of the site. Not only can you upload your own graphics easily, but you can also choose from the dozens of property-related images that the website creation platform offers. With hundreds of design combinations, there will be an impressive and ideally suited design outlet just around the corner for you. Also, you can even be picky about the layout and header of your pages.

Image Slide Shows

Win the hearts of your visitors with animated image slideshows – Images are an integral part of the success of a real estate website, and the RealEstateSites builder pays close attention to this fact. 

With the fully loaded image slideshow feature, you can show your images in full screen mode and that too in full resolution. Dynamic adjustment makes your job easier by keeping image sizes uniform and optimal. The images will fit all types of screen sizes and therefore make your website a reliable showcase of the types of properties you are looking to sell through your real estate website. You can also use the “Photo Caption” feature to make images more expressive and detailed.

Powerful Marketing Tools That Can Speed ​​Your Way To Success 

QR code generator that allows audiences to innovatively connect to property pages, listing inquiry services that connect your site with all major search engines. Furthermore, they also submit your website to the major real estate directories, easy to use HTML snippet of your website that allows you to create stunning videos that can help you increase your website's conversion rate to a great extent. These are just a few of the many marketing tools that RealEstateSites offers you.

There's more up the sleeve of RealEstateSites; let's take a quick look:

  • A free website, automatically created and optimized for mobile devices that is perfectly visible on all types of mobile devices with various screen sizes.
  • A Facebook app that lets you easily update the content of your Business page with a few clicks, whether it's adding a new post or deleting an existing one.
  • Social sharing buttons that allow you to integrate with all types of social networks.
  • Email Blast feature that allows you to spread thousands of email newsletters to agents in a specific area, without needing anything but the prepared listing, not even the mailing list.


For all of you who are looking to do everything to capture a decent share of the local housing market through a website and want to deploy the best resources in the process, GoDaddy offers many possibilities. Whether because of its strong advertising presence or the fact that it has dedicated 24/7 customer support active throughout the year, GoDaddy is a tough competitor to any website creation platform.

GoDaddy is one of the most advanced paid website builders, specifically for real estate websites, it can confidently present many features that are bound to benefit users. The website creation platform itself is a small, intuitive tool that can get you to a ready-to-publish website in just 10 minutes. Backup and restore features are excellent and intuitive. Plus, you get a mobile-optimized website along with your desktop version, without any hassle or extra effort.

Quick and easy, certainly recommended for first-time travelers - if you don't want to deal with too many complicated details you'd better choose the simple and powerful GoDaddy website creation platform and build a sophisticated real estate website out of it. 

The website creation platform is drag and drop style, so there's not even a single line of coding you need to know to get comfortable with it. Also, changing the layout and adding different content elements such as text, audio, video and images is as easy as dragging a button and then placing it where you want the corresponding content to appear on the webpage.

Basic and Advanced SEO Features 

GoDaddy is a coherent and complete platform for all your real estate website needs. Once you're done with the design trials and have a site ready, you can use basic SEO features like descriptions and tags to make the site more visible. Additionally, premium SEO plans can allow you to enjoy advanced SEO features such as one-click site submission to over 100 search engines and a topic suggestion tool. Both basic and advanced SEO features help you save a lot of time that would otherwise go to learning SEO tricks and then acting on them.

Easy to use content elements after creating your real estate website

Making your website powerful as well as elegant is something that GoDaddy does for you without too many problems. By adding content elements like Google Maps and YouTube videos, you can make the location and architecture of any property clearer to your audience. Also, you can add audio content if you like. Along with all sorts of social media sharing buttons that can help you spread the word about upcoming events. But also about big business.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are a few more that might catch your eye:

  • A mobile-optimized website is automatically created for you once you specify the elements you want to hide on your mobile display
  • The form builder widget allows you to create powerful forms that, in turn, can help you generate more leads
  • Customer support will ensure that you are never stuck with any design element or feature while using GoDaddy.

Why create a real estate website? Why make this investment?

Being involved in the real estate industry and not having a good website means losing a fight to competitors. More than 90% of real estate companies have websites. Therefore, it is not enough just to create a real estate website to win the competition.

Check out several general arguments for developing a new or improved website. So how can you take advantage of your own real estate website?

#1. Save time, get qualified leads

First, a good website allows potential homebuyers to go through the property selection funnel. And all this, without having to contact you (or employees) to ask clarifying questions. So less time is spent working with clients who are quite hot. Still, you can track interest in one or another home page using analytics services.

To eliminate the lack of basic support, you can instruct your real estate web developers to integrate a live chat on the site.

As stated, 63% of millennials prefer to get basic live chat support. (Web presence, by the way, is obviously one of them).

So not only do you cut down on answering questions, but you get qualified leads that know what they want.

#two. Survive the Digital Age

Obviously, it is better for agents and companies to create a real estate website rather than being absent from the web or having a poorly designed one. Many potential customers go online to pay little attention to this channel.

The internet dominates almost all age groups. And that's all the more reason to create your own real estate website or polish your existing one. They generate awareness and help make a decision.

#3. Get powerful publicity

The internet offers endless opportunities to reach more customers via marketing:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) — Rank higher for relevant keywords to generate more leads.
  • Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) — place ads all over the internet to let more people know about you.
  • Content marketing — writing blog posts, recording videos on real estate topics (eg how to choose a house), recording podcasts for natively. And finally, helping people solve their problems and promoting their services at the same time.
  • Others (eg email marketing, affiliate marketing).

The best part is that you can spend little or no money. Internet marketing is suitable for any budget.

Main features of the real estate website that you should know when creating your own

There are several features that both product owners and customers would like to see on real estate websites:

  • Listings and Mapping
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Thoughtful search with filters
  • High fidelity photos
  • Calculators
  • CRM system
  • Blog
  • Others

So to build your own successful real estate website, you should consider adding these features. The same goes for the site improvements. Consider adding/upgrading these features.

Let's now take a closer look at each of them.

Listings and Mapping

There are two options: you use your own database with listings or you have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to gain more space But also to combine both variants. Real estate companies, online platforms and listing brokers can provide access to your MLS.

It usually contains the following data:

  • Photos of a property
  • Description of facilities
  • Location
  • Price
  • Area

Once you've found one or several MLSs, as well as agreed on terms of use, the real estate website development company has something to work with. MLSs are typically integrated with the help of IDX (Internet Data Exchange), which allows you to retrieve data from them.

Example of what listings on real estate websites might look like

Visualization is the next point to be discussed. So there's no better way to show where the property is located than to put it on a map. Many companies actually let their customers look up homes on a city map.

Mobile-friendly design

The development of real estate websites implies that you must care not only about functionality, but also about design. Especially if you are looking for ways to improve an existing product.

An average user stays on a webpage for 15 seconds. That's how long you have to get the attention of potential customers. In other words, if a website is poorly designed, you are losing customers with or without responsive layouts.

Typically, web developers only write responsive code. That is, the site can fit any screen size and change its layout depending on resolutions. If you've hired a vendor to build your own real estate website, the company's business analysts may ask you if you need a responsive or adaptive layout before getting started.

Why is receptivity so important? 

There are at least two reasons for this: User experience. It goes without saying how many users prefer to browse the web on mobile devices over desktops. That is, the rule is simple here: no support, less conversions.

  • IF THE. Remember how we talked about marketing? Google switched to mobile-first indexing. That is, if you plan to optimize a site that is not search engine responsive, you may still rank lower than others. Respectively, the chances of conversion are also smaller.
  • Responsive Real Estate Website Interface

Search with filters

Well, you already have a lot of lists and worry about customers browsing from different devices. It's time to think about search and filters — features that are likely to affect conversion rates above all else.

With Colors Agency, we guarantee much more than just an attractive look as well as a modern layout for your website.

Our main focus is to offer companies around the world effective solutions, that is, to generate visibility on the internet.

Our agency develops SEO strategies as well as brand positioning for multinational companies, large, medium and small, all projects are important to us.

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