How to make a website that sells

How to make a website that sells: see it now!

With all the help available online today, building your website is very easy. However, it can be more difficult to know how to make a website that sells. After all, the measure of success for most websites often depends on how much profit they make their owners.

If you're going to build a website that you're going to use to sell things on the Internet, you should know how to design it so that it accurately accomplishes this task. You need to know how to build a website that helps you sell products. Remember that products alone are not usually sold alone. Even if you are providing something that many people need, there will be other companies that will offer similar things. 

There will be other ways for people to find the things they want and need. You should do what you can to show them that they should buy things from you.

How to start building a website that sells

It all starts with having a website that honestly uses keywords to get the right kind of traffic. If you put in a bunch of keywords that don't relate to your product, people will be frustrated when they see that your website can't give them what they were looking for. 

For example, maybe you sell running shoes. You might be tempted to use words like "clothing shoes" and "loafers" when you're working with your keywords so you can drive more people to your site. However, anyone who wants a pair of sandals or a pair of dress shoes is going to come to your website and buy running shoes instead. This might increase your web traffic, but it won't increase your sales numbers.

Whether you're building a website in a webdesign tool or with HTML, you'll want to follow some basic steps and advice when designing your website. This will ensure that your site is as successful as possible. 

The first thing you'll want to do is make a plan of what you want your website to accomplish. Then create an outline of the pages on your site and what content should be included on each page. This way you have a map to follow while you are building your site. It will ensure that your site is well organized and makes sense. It'll also help you make sure you're not leaving anything out that will help you make a sale.

Set goals and objectives

As you are building your site, you need to make sure that the site is as user-friendly as possible. If you want to know how to make a website that sells, get some tips from other successful websites on the internet. You'll want to make sure the navigation makes sense and is easy to follow. The most important thing is to ensure that the process of making a purchase on your website is painless and easy. If someone has trouble placing an order, they will likely abandon that order and go elsewhere.

Most of the advice you will need to follow is related to the actual content itself. Content must do three things. First, you must list it in search engines. Without it, people won't find your site, which means you won't make a lot of money. The best way to do this is to have a specific keyword. The second thing your content needs to do is grab the reader's attention. Once someone lands on your site, you have to keep them there long enough to buy. That means having fun and informative content.

Sell ​​your products or services well

Finally, your content must sell your product or service. It must entice the reader to act immediately. This should not be done through direct selling. Instead, write your content so that the reader is gradually convinced to buy from your website or business. That means having informative content that showcases your expertise in your field. It also means showing the benefits of your products and services rather than focusing on features.

If you follow all these advices, you should have no problem creating a website that is both successful and profitable. It may seem like a lot to focus on, but each item listed above is equally important to the success of your website. It can be helpful to focus on just one thing at a time, taking your time to create the site and develop content.

You also need to remember that your website needs to make it easy for people to find the products they want. If they have to look for more information, they leave. You need to make this pretty obvious to them. Make it easy to navigate from information pages to pages where things are sold. Type products in your sections so they can be found by those who are interested in these types of things. A physical store has to be set up in the same way. Shelves are created so that products are next to each other and things are arranged logically. You should do the same when setting up the site.

study the competition

After that, you have to take into account competitive prices and online offers. You can probably give people better deals on the Internet than they could find in a physical store because your overhead costs are so much lower. Also, make sure these types of things are part of your website, convincing people that you can give them the best deal. You need to make the amount they can significantly save so that it is worth the wait while the order is shipped to your physical location.

The last thing to do is create a website with electronic payment options. This is one of the great benefits of online shopping. Don't force people to send you money in the form of a check. Allow them to pay with a credit card or even your bank account. This makes it very easy for them to pay on their purchases and track the money. They will always choose a site that gives them these options over one that doesn't.

When it comes to creating a successful website, small businesses tend to overlook the importance of having one. They believe that a well-performing website is too expensive to support and design, so they choose to go the cheap route.

They believe that a well-performing website is too expensive to support and design, so they choose to go the cheap route. Or they skip selling your products and services in favor of telling you about their business. Whatever the issue, many companies negatively impact their ability to create a successful website that helps move the business forward.

How a small business builds a website that sells

The keyword to focus on is sell. This is a very important point to realize because your website is your online profile that is broadcast to those who are looking for what you do. That means your research brings you and your competitors to the fore. So when they go through your Google results and click through to your website, will it really do its part as an effective sales tool?

So how do you create a powerful website that really helps you effectively sell your company's products and services?


Remember those static websites that used to be the default website on the internet? Well, some companies still have websites that look and operate so archaic. Who would take a business seriously that has a website that doesn't look current and makes them wonder if the business is still operating? Nobody. A website that looks cheap will be ignored in favor of a better looking website.

We live in an age where people need to have their attention immediately. If lots of visitors come to your site, scan and leave quickly, your site's engagement level is poor. That means your website needs to have videos, audio clips, and basically be more than just a text-filled website. The average consumer today has a very short attention span so you must capture their attention quickly in order to lead them to your intended offer.

Communicate the results produced to make a website that sells

Your website must effectively communicate the value it can provide to visitors who are looking for a specific solution. Many sites make a lot of news, thinking it's the same as selling. And that may be further from the truth. They are two completely different types of communication. Telling is saying what you believe the individual wants to hear. Selling is demonstrating the value you know the individual wants.

When someone visits your company's website, what they're looking for is clear information about how you can solve their challenges. A lot of fluffy information is unnecessary and distracts from how you actually deliver results. This only confuses one person, eliminating your business from their list of potential companies to contact for more information. A confused person will go to another site that can give straight answers and provide clear examples of how results are produced by this business.

Make it simple and easy to navigate

Don't you hate those business websites where you have to forcefully search for the information you want? For example, not being able to locate contact information in order to call this business. This is a potential lost customer for this business because this site is not user-friendly. A golden rule in sales is to keep it very simple.

Have all the information in advance that is easy to find on each page so that your website visitors can be easily led to be a customer. Have all important information clearly displayed: email application, contact information, checkout options. And you don't need 20 pages of information to be effective. All you need is: Home Page, About Page, Product/Service Page, Contact Page and Blog Page (optional). Just keep it simple and straightforward with effective information that leads to the desired actions being produced (engagement, inquiries, sales).

ability to sell

Your website is a seller that can sell to hundreds of people in a day. But this can only be achieved when you give your website the ability to successfully perform this task. Your website's goal should be to sell consistently, making you money even while you're sleeping.

As a webmaster and entrepreneur, the ultimate goal is to create a quality, natural attraction for visitors — so you can get and qualify new leads and more sales. That way, you will increase revenue for your business and through your online venture.

Using existing business and personal networks — referrals and direct outreach (telemarketing) works for many.

It is very possible to do all this without a website and an “online process”, but it is extremely difficult – so our goal is to create an environment where your business is easy to discover and sells – all online.

The three things we are going to go over are:

  • Website Design
  • Hosting
  • Marketing

Our goal is to create a website that motivates the buyer to respond instantly. What do you want your visitor to do as soon as they visit your site?

  • Make an appointment at the office?
  • Send complete/quality contact information?
  • Attend an upcoming event, workshop or webcast?
  • Sign up for a free online training course?

Knowing how to create a website that sells is key to increasing leads and sales for your industry.

Buy a domain name

Do you already have a name in mind? If you haven't registered your business name with the state yet - this is a good way to test what your website name should be. 

Get a hosting account to make a website that sells

Now that we've purchased a domain name, we need a place to “host” that domain name. Think of the domain name as the “store sign”, and the hosting as the building that contains the actual “store”. When buying a hosting solution, we will have a platform that contains the identity of your business! (Popular hosting: HostGator)

Once this information is complete – we can go ahead and redirect the GoDaddy nameservers to your HostGator account. For nameservers, HostGator will email this information. This step is easier than it sounds as HostGator has a beginner's guide on how to achieve this.

Create an easy-to-manage website and blog

There are many website hosting platforms out there. Why did we choose hostgator? In addition to their excellent customer service, you will also gain the ability to create a wordpress website very easily. Although WordPress is associated with blogging, it gives you, the entrepreneur, the ability to create a high-quality website and give you the ability to easily update it without any issues in the future. Not only that – but the process is simplified on HostGator so you can do it with minimal instruction.

Tip: You DO NOT need to go to to create a WordPress site. You can do this directly on the HostGator website. Just a quick summary just in case you're confused on how to accomplish this:

  • Buy a domain name
  • purchase hosting
  • Advanced domain
  • Install WordPress

After these short steps, you're good to go! Now it's time to have a great looking website done!

Updating your website design can positively impact your brand and revenue. If you want a modern, easy-to-use (and user-friendly!) website, get in touch with the team at Colors Agency today!

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