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how to earn with adsense

In our current economy, finding more ways to make money is important. In fact, being able to increase your earnings on your own is one of the most important aspects of surviving such tough economic times. Knowing how to generate Google AdSense revenue is one way for you to boost your bottom line each month.

While Google AdSense was initially designed with blog and website publishers in mind, anyone who creates and maintains their own blog or website can take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

If you have a full time job and are building a web presence for yourself in your spare time or running a web design business. For example, you can generate a lot of revenue using this tool if you know how to use it to your advantage.

By allowing ads on your blogs, you create a static revenue stream. It's basically simple, but there are important considerations to be made.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising program run by Google that allows registered publishers to serve targeted text, image and video ads on their websites or blogs in exchange for being paid for impressions or clicks on those ads.

Google AdSense launched in June 2003; which makes it one of the oldest ways bloggers make money online.

Few people knew the blog was profitable because of how complicated blog monetization was.

Once Google AdSense was launched, he quickly gained recognition — due to the ease of registering and earning with the program — as long as his blog met the requirements.

Advertising and balance

The traffic that comes to your blog, regardless of how they found it, will judge you and your business based on many factors. The design, layout and navigation blog is a factor.

If you visit some of the biggest media outlets in the world, you've probably seen a lot of ads on their websites. When an ad is front and center, however, it defeats the purpose of the blog itself and can alienate visitors.

You are not yet an authority, so any new visitors to your site will be important.

Some blog owners don't understand the basic concept that consumers can and are often turned off by too many ads on a website or ads that go beyond the blog itself.

Ads need to be secondary to blog content


It's no good for you or your business to have ads that get more attention than your design or blog content.

you didn't work hard on the internet marketing and you've done all the fieldwork to bring visitors to your site just to have them click an ad and leave your site, never to return.

You want them to focus on your site first and then take a look at the ads you post.

Building a Quality Blog

You may not consider the design factor of your blog as important, at least not when it comes to advertising, but it is crucial to success.

Your blog design should always be geared towards keeping visitors on your site. There are three main areas you should focus your design efforts on.

first area

The first is where a visitor looks once the page has loaded in their browser. Most people look at the top left corner of the screen.

This is where your company name and/or logo should be. Placing an ad here is like saying, "Thanks for stopping by, but why don't you check out this other company's website instead."

second area

The eyes will then travel towards the top center of the screen. You'll find that most websites tend to put their mission statement or slogan here.

Here's where you tell your visitor why this site is exactly what they're looking for.

This is also where navigation tends to originate, and for good reason. You want your visitors to be able to find their way relatively easily, you don't want them to struggle to find the other pages on your site.

Having an ad within this zone can work, but if it gets in the way of your message, or navigation, then it's being counterproductive.

third area

Then a visitor's eyes tend to scroll down the page. Many visitors won't scroll down unless they really like the content.

Placing ads below the bottom of the visual area will mean your visitors never see you.

The best placement for ads will be to the right and bottom of the screen. That way, your website and your message still remain the focus of attention. So if an ad catches attention, then when someone clicks on the link, you earn money.

Keywords and Google AdSense

When it comes to Google AdSense, you will be building your campaign around your website. While you don't want to have ads for your direct competition on your site, you do want to keep within the genre.

If you choose keywords or key phrases that have nothing to do with your website, then your website visitors will not be able to follow these ad links and you will waste valuable space.

It's a balancing act to choose the right keywords to represent. But when you get it right, you'll earn revenue every month.

The more traffic you get, the more money you will make

Google AdSense revenue won't just happen by being static with your site.

Just because you build a website, have a web hosting company maintain it, or take care of some of the other aspects of your launch doesn't mean someone will come to your site.

If they don't come to your site then they won't see the ads you posted on it and therefore you won't earn any extra money.

It's important to keep in mind that you can have up to 3 ads on your site at any one time.

Some people would more like to maximize potential earnings, but more than 3 and visitors will start navigating away from your site before they even get a chance to see what you offer.

You don't need to post 3, either; you can post 1 or 2 ads if that's your preference.

You need to employ all the same marketing strategies for your website that you normally would.

Google AdSense revenue is all about making money from visitors who may be interested in topics other than what they are looking for.

If you bring in visitors who feel they should have entered something else in their search, they can certainly go back to the search engine or they can follow an ad from your site to something more in line with their needs.

Evaluate your AdSense strategy monthly

When you are looking to generate Google AdSense revenue, there will be a balance between targeting the right keywords to complement your site and avoiding giving your business away to your competitors.

Determine if you're targeting the right keywords every month and make changes accordingly. It's much better to make changes quickly than to wait and lose all that potential revenue.

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