How to get past your competitors on the internet? The best practice guide!

how to pass competitors in the search

How to get past your competitors on the internet? The best practice guide (White Hat)

In this brave new world of content and post Google algorithm changes such as white hat SEO is the only way to thrive if you want your website to become a useful part of the internet. Performing white hat practices also means that search giants will also like your site and rank it accordingly in the SERPs. Do you want to know how to get past your competitors on the internet? So click here!

What is White Hat SEO?

If you've been doing SEO for a while, you may have heard about terms like white hat SEO, black hat SEO, gray hat SEO etc. All are various SEO techniques used to impact search engine rankings. As our topic is about white hat SEO techniques so let's talk about that.

White hat SEO refers to techniques that are used to get the best search results for a variety of keywords. White hat SEO methods are SAFE to follow and they all adhere to the guidelines given by Google, while black hat SEO involves risky tactics that are likely to get your site penalized.

Simply put, Google is using a number of techniques that ensure your site performs well on the SERPs without resorting to what essentially many people now refer to as cheating. These nefarious tactics are known as black hat SEO and involve numerous spamming techniques, keyword stuffing, and more.

White hat, on the other hand, uses organic techniques and demands quality from a website in order to ensure that it performs well for search. This means that numerous factors must be taken into account and optimized, such as:

A Note About Keywords To Pass Your Competitors On The Internet

Keywords still retain their value, but they must be used correctly. Many SEO professionals don't bother putting keywords in Meta information, as Google doesn't look at them anymore. 

The “repeated” keyword used to be a very common practice and was a black hat method designed to ensure that the word associated with a company was captured. We've all seen those articles that are almost illegible. Many good SEO content writers now refuse to write content where a client might ask them for a 7% keyword density as it considerably lowers the quality of the piece.

However, keywords still have their place for use with website content, including blogs, images and videos and PPC/Adwords. These days, it's best to practice using similar words throughout a piece of writing as well as the main keyword. Key phrases are also good practices and should be used. It is also important that these are used in Headings and sub-headings as well as throughout the text.

This should be used a few times in text, in the headline, and a similar phrase in a subheading. Throughout the play, related words and phrases can be used for context, such as:

  • SEO analysis software
  • SEO Tools
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search Tools

And so on. A great tool for this is Google's Keyword Planner.


As this is a term that is searched frequently, you need to be a little more creative than just using Google suggestions and experiments, so you can get a competitive word that you have a chance to compete with and win good rankings. . This applies to both paid and organic search and no quick process is required.

The content should be:

  • Original and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Highly relevant and useful to your industry and audience.
  • Very well written with good grammar and spelling.
  • For image and video you must include a title, ALT tag and description and, if appropriate, give credit to the original artist (if using licensed creative commons images, for example)
  • Point to source of research and citations where applicable.
  • Giving value to your audience
  • The best possible way to do better in research is to value your audience and, preferably, your industry as well.

That includes:

  • Have a website that is well built, performs well and is able to be used across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Produce content that is actionable and contains new ideas
  • Have a good mix of multimedia content, not just writing

Using social media so that your brand is recognized on all platforms and content can be distributed. This is becoming more important now than ever, social signals (Facebook Likes, Retweets etc.) indicate that your content is useful as people are reading/watching and ideally sharing and commenting.

It's also worth mentioning that your link profile remains important, but this is something that takes time and should be done sensibly and organically. Buying links will give you a penalty to Google, as will any referrals you may have.

Guest blogging remains a valid white hat technique, but it's vital that this be approached naturally. This means you get to post guests on sites that are from a domain authority similar to yours. If you suddenly seem to have a bunch of high quality links to your site, then it looks to Google as if they were purchased.

The content must be excellent to pass your competitors on the internet

We've really just touched the white hat here and there are many techniques that can help you, including SEO professionals and for ASS, using specialized SEO software. The most important thing to remember is that the content must always be excellent and this must be the main driver for your website. Getting traffic from search engines is insanely important.

It doesn't matter if you're blogging for fun or profits, without website traffic, you're going to burn out sooner or later. But here's the thing. Most bloggers struggle to increase Google rankings on their website.

White hat SEO techniques to follow in 2021 and beyond

In a nutshell, white hat SEO focuses more on humans than search engines. If you know a little or two about SEO, you may already know the fact that Google gives maximum rewards to those sites that focus on user experience.

Brian Dean's Skyscraper Technique

If you are very serious about generating high quality links, it is very important to follow the systematic guide that really works.

Here is the skyscraper technique from famous blogger Brian Dean. He doubled organic search traffic to his website in just 14 days with this technique.  

Find a popular site in your niche that generates lots of links. Go to SEMrush, give your competitor's URL link to it. click on the “top pages” button and finally, browse the content and 25 different sites that link to it. That's the content you can use under this skyscraper technique.

Another powerful source for finding link-worthy content is through Google search. Enter your keywords and get the top 10 results and do backlink analysis with the help of tools like Semrush. Then check which one has more domains to refer to.

How can you make your content awesome to outrun your competitors on the internet

Just make it long. Yes, very long. For example, “25 foods for the wedding day”.

Take outdated content in your area and rewrite it with updated information.

More than just plain text content, visual content generates lots of links and social shares. Very well-designed content creates a lot of buzz on social media as long as it has useful information.

Use bullet points and describe each point in depth.

Disclosure by email

Get in touch with people who have already linked to similar content. See how you can promote by email.

First, export all your competitor's links to the spreadsheet using tools like SEMrush.

If you want better search rankings then start producing a long form of content over 2000 words. It's that simple.

There are several approaches to producing long, link-worthy content for you readers. Everyone wants to publish the best content on their website. For that, it's important to know what it takes to write such perfect content.

If you don't write content with the right keywords, it will affect your SEO process. It also determines whether you reach your goal or not. Let's look at some content strategy tips:

Understand what SEO content is

You have the ability to earn millions of dollars over the Internet. So if you know how much money you're losing, it's going to make you sad. If you are in the marketing field, SEO content is what can make or break your business.

Here are the things you need to understand if you want to produce high quality SEO content.

Keyword research. To generate more traffic to your website, you need to include searchable terms in your content.

Optimize your keywords. You need to know when and where to use keywords and at what time before writing content.

Promote content. Just producing content is not enough. You need to promote it. It helps to create links to your content.

Types of SEO Content to Pass Your Competitors on the Internet

There are different types of SEO content. It's important to know about each one of them.

  • Seo articles: We mostly see this type of content in newspapers and magazines.
  • SEO Guides: These are longer content that have in-depth content. These kind of articles are useful if you want to generate leads.
  • Seo slideshows: This content type uses series of images more than plain text content.
  • SEO blog posts: These are blog posts that are related to SEO. These engage the user at a higher rate than most other options.
  • Product Pages: If you have e-commerce website then you should focus more on this type of articles. A great product page also works as a PPC landing page. Make sure you don't write any grammatical errors as this greatly affects your business.
  • Glossaries: These are for particular niches like cooking, fashion trends etc. usually contains a lot of information related to it.
  • Directory: This is where you will give a lot more links related to your niche.

There are different ways to approach SEO content needs. You need to find the right mix and write the content.

Content creation

To support yourself in online business, you need to write high quality content. You need to be aware of answers to questions like: How to do keyword research? About the quality of content? Etc.

Most people say the content length should be 500 words. But no, the short form of content is dead. So you need to write at least 1000-1500 words.

If you want to have great results then you need to do effective keyword research. So go to Google's keyword planner and enter your keywords. There check monthly search volumes and then select keywords that have high search volume and use them in your content.

To create quality content, make sure you know these three things. One of them is “content freshness”. Search engines consistently look for new content. So the more content you produce on a daily basis, the more likely Google will recognize your content. The second is “content quality”. Always remember, it's the quality of your content that attracts readers. So, produce useful and useful content. In third place is “content search”. If you're new to the business, then check out your competitors and note their writing tone and the keywords they use.

Make sure you follow all these tips while creating content. It's the quality that doesn't matter the quantity.

Building links through infographics is one of the best techniques for Search Engine Optimization that you can use.

Visual content attracts a lot more attention on social media than plain text content. In the SEO world, backlinks are very important. Without having quality backlinks to your website then it is very difficult to see growth in business.

The most viral content on social media is infographics. If you want to create authoritative backlinks, then start creating infographics. Learn how to make viral infographics. With these common elements, it's very easy to create viral infographics. Use great design and include stats and promote your infographic.

Choose a topic and see which infographics already cover that topic. You can use Google search for it. For example, "yoga infographics". Just type the same into Google and say which type of infographics performed best for backlink acquisition.

Gather all information related to your infographic and use your unique approach to solving your reader's issues. Remember to cite cited sources if necessary.

Once you have all the information, then it's time to put that data into an impressive design. The combination of great content and great design goes viral and gains backlinks.

Go to or Canva and then create infographic from the huge number of projects. If you have a budget, you can hire designers to create an infographic.

Once created, publish your infographic on the site and thus facilitate reader sharing. To increase backlinks as well as social media shares, create an embedded code for your infographics. Once you've published your infographic and promoted, then make sure you check Google Analytics to see which site is getting a lot of traffic from.

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