The Colors Agency is a company of Creation of websites with headquarters in Betim (MG). We develop dozens of successful projects at a local level, proposing the very best in technological solutions for your business. Our biggest challenge is always to achieve maximum success for you through solutions – practical and simple, with total focus on a good user experience and an affordable price for develop a website complete.

We serve companies at our headquarters in Rua Antônio Rua Antonio Bleme Filho, 175 – Jardim Brasilia, Betim – MG, 32671-635. Our experts in generating results for local companies such as, we have the right expertise to position your company in the spotlight in the city of Betim / MG.

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Visual Identity

Creation of an authentic and unique brand in order to contextualize the main idea of ​​your business. We create logos with the right to revisions and sharing ideas.

Local SEO

We develop strategies to improve your company's visibility, such as creating a form on Google Meu Negócios, posting on Facebook groups, Guest post on blogs and much more.

Website Optimized for Google

The sites developed by Agência Colors are optimized for Google and other search engines like Bing. We develop your project with a focus on a good score on Page Speed ​​Insights.

Ads Management

We manage Google and social ads campaigns with a focus on conversions, branding and app installation. We have total expertise to make your ad on the display network or search network a success.

Landing Page Development

Landing pages or landing pages are like a simpler and more straightforward version of a website, your goal is usually to perform actions such as capturing leads, converting and even selling your products, all on the same landing page.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a set of practices focused on disseminating your idea or business to a large number of people in a virtual way. The best strategies are: Paid ads, social media and optimized content.

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In the market for over 5 years, Agência Colors is a reference in quality. Our company is a national and international reference in digital services such as: Website creation, SEO and ad management on Google and Facebook / Instagram for companies in the city of Betim.

Our main services today are indications of satisfied clients with their projects.

more than one Website Creation Agency, we are your partner for the digital world offering logo creation, Ads management with a focus on the right audience for you, our agency is specialized in creating responsive modern websites.

We develop custom websites for all types of businesses in Betim, some companies have reached the top position in Google for their top keywords, join our hall of success. Create your awesome website today with best website creation agency, Talk to an online expert today.

Our company offers the best in Creation of logos, impact campaigns on social networks and Google Ads. We also provide high quality server hosting services and 24/XNUMX support.

We also support businesses that already have a website up and running, such as a plugin update and optimization service and general security of your website.

The History of the Colors Agency began in Betim, today we serve companies from all over the globe but we always have a special affection for projects in our region, we create websites for hotels, inns, businesses and industries.

WordPress Website Creation 90%
UX Focused Website Development 80%
Original Solutions with a focus on Conversions 70%
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How much does a professional website cost in Betim? Is there a price list for creating websites? Well these questions are normal, and we will help you with estimates based on the local and national market below:

Just before it is worth remembering that many people create their own websites. Currently, there are almost 2 billion websites and this number is increasing every day, but in this case we will consider values ​​of websites created by companies in Betim.

Before giving a price, each website creation company in Betim studies with each client what is the best solution and type of website to be created according to their idea.

Most business projects in Betim usually range from R$1.200,00 to R$5.000,00.

Based on the values ​​of the main website creators at the regional level.

Once the budget is approved, the average time that website agencies ask for is usually 15 to 45 days.

The installation of tools, essential plugins, email settings and others are also included in hiring the professional website creation service.

For customers in Betim / Minas Gerais. We service remotely via Whatsapp: 31971204563 and also in our office, request the route to create your website on Google My Business!

Website Construction with Digital Marketing in Betim

Creation of responsive websites with a focus on UX in Betim. Your website will look Awesome on all devices. We create websites thinking about the audience and the specific target audience you want to reach. Creative solutions for local digital marketing focusing on trends, culturally relevant aspects and research history of Betinenses.


Website projects Betim Shutters e Betim Batteries started more than 3 years ago when Diego and “PP” business owners were looking for the right Website Creation Agency in Betim to serve them. We develop your professional website from scratch, and after delivering the site, we create SEO-focused content to reach users at a regional level, making Betim Persianas and Betim Batteries standout companies in Google's organic searches with high quality sites optimized for the best customer experience in the city of Betim / MG.

Wesley very competent at what he does and guided us in creating the website with a commercial vision in Betim, it was top!
Mario Gomes
Owner Mario Solar Betim
It is amazing how the Online Store of Coisinhas de Luxo and Premier Sports in Betim improved their sales with the services of the Agency Colors, we recommend.
Diego Saliba Lara
Entrepreneur - Luxury Things and Premier Sports Betim
Excellent professional. Objective and efficient, extremely attentive and helpful. Betim shutters is at the top of research for years, I always recommend the services of the Agency Colors in Betim!
Betim Shutters

With technological evolutions, it is always necessary to be aware of what is best on the market. We only work with cutting-edge original and licensed software to give your project the shine it deserves, if you want to optimize your site yourself, configure the How to Improve Your Site's Performance Guide

We specialize in developing immersive online environments that refer to high technology, leading your customers to perform desired actions such as calling or filling out a form on your website / store.

We take into account high relevance factors to help your site take off in searches. Along with your new website, we will always send the Invoice Issued even by the city hall in the system ginfe, aiming at greater convenience for local companies.