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Website creation and digital marketing agency in Sinop with a focus on results
Responsive sites with technological enhancements for high visibility on Google.

Website creation , Virtual Stores , Digital Marketing in Sinop

Business Strategies

Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants, we can help you with the process, organization and marketing of your company. Be a reference in Divinópolis!

Ultra Responsive Layout

Creation of responsive websites in Divinópolis. Your website will look Awesome on all devices, take the test open this same page on your smartphone and see the responsiveness.

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing with real results in Divinópolis. We can take care of it for you! Creating weekly posts, and managing your ad platforms.


State of the art improvements to get your site prominent on Google, Scores B ~ A+ guaranteed on Google. Optimization of websites in Divinópolis is with the Agency Colors.

why choose us to Website Creation in Sinop

Colors creating websites is a pioneer in the field of Website Creation in Sinop Virtual Shops e Digital marketing

We have professionals with technical and academic background who will strive hard to give your project the shine it deserves. Our company has international certifications from Google partners. Sleep easy, now you have experts taking care of your online business.

Among the various services offered by the Colors Agency, we can highlight: Website creation in Sinop, website development in Divinópolis, digital marketing, Virtual Store in Divinópolis and business consultancy.

Ultra Responsive Layout

Perfectly adjusted website with fluid animations on smartphones, tablets and TV's.

Total Flexibility

Whether it's a website for your company, office, store, professional presentation, it will look amazing.

SEO - Top of Google

Whether through Google Ad Words or organic results. Your company will be on top

Special Tools

Access counter: Indicating length of stay, place of origin. Good acceptance of the site.

Premium Servers

High-speed servers with unlimited storage and security optimizations.

Custom Design

No standard or unthought elements, a website designed and tailored to your business.


No fancy stuff or unnecessary resources, spend only on the essentials for your success.

Social Medias

Integration with all social networks, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin. Buttons, Whatsapp chat / Business.

Full HD Images and Videos

A selection filter of the images/videos on your website will be taken from the best paid image banks.

advantages of wordpres

There are thousands of advantages in using wordpress that many people are unaware of, it is the most used platform worldwide for website development, with more than 70% of the CMS market and 26% of all web development platforms:

open source

The first and biggest advantage is that wordpress is a free cms, an "Open Source" platform that can be used
for a variety of purposes, and a free platform requires no license or ownership costs.

better positioning

Fighting for the best positioning in organic search in search engines has been a reality for years, and "WordPress" has already followed this trend and has been natively optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. in addition to offering a variety of plugins such as Yoast SEO, and other various resources to be added to further help your site's indexing.

pages Responsive

WP is ready to be used on all types of devices, whether mobile or desktop, both in the visual part, which is interesting for those who browse, and in its administrative area, making life easier for content managers.

The wordpress platform has evolved a lot with the help of developers from all over the world, and today it is the most affordable, lightweight and dynamic CMS on the market.

management of social networks

Digital Marketing with real results in São Paulo. We can take care of it for you! Creating weekly posts, and managing your ad platforms…

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