Updated 2022 Latam Salary Guide

Updated Salary Guide 2022 Latam

The free My DNA salary guide provides detailed information on today's top industries and their average salary, based on key information provided by companies and employees through our HR platforms.

Also read about 8 main trends of factors and benefits of the work environment that motivate employees to stay longer in companies, and thus, also learn about how technology has changed the way of hiring and working in South American companies today .

Where does the information come from?

Updated Salary Guide 2022 Latam

and What is its Scope?

Latamp Updated Salary Guide by Show Me The Money is a record of market salary data for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru, making it the most up-to-date guide on the market in 2022.

This salary survey is a tool used as a source of information for companies and professionals, specifically in South America, to be able to make more strategic decisions based on salary, career and benefits values ​​offered in the main niches and positions in the market.

A salary guide is a comprehensive and cohesive tool for gathering key information of interest to candidates in the market. Knowing more about salary ranges and trends will help you to develop an adequate career plan, with competitive salary ranges to become or attract above-average professionals because, after all, companies that seek to retain such professionals need to offer positions with attractiveness above the average. We hope the Latamp Updated Salary Guide will help you! Make the best decisions!

Latamp Salary Guide Update: What is a salary survey?

The salary survey is a tool capable of providing essential data for the company to understand its positioning in the competitive market and, in addition, this survey can be carried out effectively regardless of the startup or company segment.

Among the main purposes of a salary research source, one of them is to help the company to position itself in the market, attracting and retaining the best professionals. This is usually focused on analyzing, understanding and describing salary range data for related positions in competing companies in a systematic way.

Having the Latamp Salary Guide Updated 2022 research reference is of great help, as it can be very important and relevant, as salary data among business sectors guide the company so that it remains competitive in the market.

Salary Analysis and Perspectives by Industry Segment

Growth Across the Continent – ​​Technology Sector

The technology industry and IT professionals have experienced strong exponential growth in recent years. In recent years, most companies had in their development plans an increasing digitization as a medium and long-term objective.

However, the pandemic forced many companies to close the doors for many businesses, but it accelerated the demand and many businesses ran out of time and to accelerate the continuity of critical operations, bring new ones through new management tools and online programming, as well as improve its offer of services and products in the virtual world. The home office also gained strong momentum in this sector in the last year.

Check out the graph with the growth of the technology industry in the main countries of Latin America in 2021 compared to 2020. It is notable a great growth in this sector in most of the analyzed countries, placing the Technology sector in the spotlight in our Salary Guide.

Growth Data - Technology (Image of the Presentation may be used)

Check out the average salary of Latin American countries for top leadership positions in the information technology sector: Find out how much an Analyst, CEO, CTO, Manager and more make.

Salary Data - Information Technology (Image of the Presentation may be used)

Above Average Salaries in the Mining Sector

The current global economic situation has provided compensation adjustments at different levels in the mining sector in Latin America. Changes in focus and the search for competitiveness have a direct impact on professional remuneration for positions in this sector.

In operational functions, the chemical, mining and metallurgy, construction and auto parts industries pay above the market average, according to a salary survey and even in large companies there is a big difference in salary margins. Check out a study comparing the salaries among the top 5 mining companies.

Growth Data - Mining (Image of the Presentation can be used)

Check out the average salaries of the main mining industry positions in Latin American countries: Find out how much analysts, CEOs, CTOs, managers and others earn.

Salary Data - Mining (Image with statistics to be defined)


Innovations and Strong High Salary Trend in the Energy Sector

The energy sector in the region has a high rate of sustained growth with a wide range of optimistic projections for the coming years has its place in our salary guide. Many markets establish a new focus that would be to convert their energy matrix into non-conventional renewable energy (such as wind, hybrid and biomass) with Brazil being a great highlight in this sector.

International companies see it as an attractive and increasingly profitable investment to invest, especially in large companies in this promising and stable sector that has varied salaries, but generally stable at the average or above the market average, especially for more specialized areas of new energy matrices.

Growth Data - Energy (Image of the Presentation may be used)

Check out the average salaries of the main positions in the energy sector in the countries of Latin America: Find out how much analysts, CEOs, CTOs, managers and others earn.

Salary Data - Energy (Image with statistics to be defined)

New strategies applied in the Pharmaceutical sector: IT resources

The pharmaceutical sector has been one of the segments with the most strategic resources at a global level. This fact is not only summarized by issues directly related to the vaccine, but also in relation to the influence of the pressure that pharmaceutical companies face in the face of the pandemic, such as the implementation of telemedicine and the digitization of operations.

It is noticeable a highlight in the areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, industrial and commercial management systems are some of the main sectors that have led to demand and demand new specialized IT profiles to meet such demands.

Growth Data - Pharmaco (Image of the Presentation can be used)

See below the average salaries of the main positions in the pharmaceutical industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much a clinical pharmacist, medical education manager, pharmacoeconomics manager and others earn.

Salary Data - Pharmaco (Image with statistics to be defined)


New process optimization strategies in the banking sector

The banking sector has gone through a strong process of digitalization like many segments.

Faced with the challenge of keeping up to date and ahead of the highly disputed market, banking professionals are forced to develop new strategies to optimize their. One of the strategies is the alternative of developing internal training for employees so that they can apply the strategies without the institutions depending on the competitive market of professionals with a digital profile.

Still, the industry is strengthening its IT areas, both for digital transformation, automation, process and artificial intelligence.

Growth Data - Banking (Image of the Presentation can be used)

Check out the average salary in Latin American countries for top positions in the banking sector: find out how much does a bank manager, management assistant, commercial agent make and more.

Salary Data - Banking (Image with statistics to be defined)


New structural alternatives for the Retail Industry: virtual stores

The retail industries have been put to the test in recent years, having to consider innovative structures, transforming their models from 100% physical to 100% online stores and therefore later adjust to current health standards. In this way, the processes were accelerated by the digitalization and growth of electronic commerce, mainly in multinational companies, with the consequent demand for professionals to implement them.

Growth Data - Retail (Image of the Presentation may be used)

Check out the average salaries of the main positions in the retail industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much a sales manager, sales supervisor, sales coordinator and others make.

Salary Data - Retail (Image with statistics to be defined)


New logistics alternatives in the Consumer Goods sector

In an industry that felt safe selling in person, the challenge of digitization forced by the pandemic was strong enough. Companies in the industry were forced to attract talent capable of taking the sale of traditional channels to digital ones in order to expand several areas of this niche even with high interest in the year 2022.

Growth Data – Massive Consumption (Image of the Presentation can be used)

Check the average salaries of the main positions in the mass consumption sector industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much professionals in this segment earn.

Salary Data - Massive Consumption (Image with statistics to be defined)


The future of Logistics with modernization

One of the most challenged niches in recent years is logistics. Difficulties that this segment faces with the health crisis, the global supply chain, transport in different modalities, supply and also at the level of the process such as storage, picking and dispatch and/or last mile that were challenged by the demands at the operational level and also by the lack of professionals.

The unbridled demands in all markets forced constant changes in the industry to maintain operations where flexibility, readjustments and new projects do nothing but the strategic role that the industry has taken, being a fundamental part of financial and commercial companies.

Growth Data - Logistics (Image of the Presentation can be used)

See below the average salaries of the main positions in the logistics industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much a Supply Chain Director, Purchasing Manager, Logistics Manager and others make.

Salary Data - Logistics (Image with statistics to be defined)


Automation and connectivity as pillars of the automotive sector

The challenges that the automotive industry has had to face in recent years have led it to implement more flexible and reliable agile supply chains, which are fundamental for the resilience of the sector's logistics chain. With the rise of automation and connectivity, the industry is investing heavily in artificial and machine learning intelligence. These technological tools not only help in the management of chains, but also focus several of their qualities on a sustainable supply chain solution.

In order to achieve an increasingly “greener” mobility, the automotive sector has a prominent place in the salary guide.

salary guide 2022Growth Data - Automotive (Presentation Image may be used)

Check out the average salaries of the main positions in the automotive industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much an automotive engineer, automotive instructor, car sales manager and others make.

salary guideSalary Data - Automotive (Image with statistics to be defined)


New trends in the real estate market

The impact of the pandemic was less than expected at this point. However, the challenge remains how the industry positions itself in an increasingly digital scenario, undergoing new strategies so that customers have a 100% online experience.

The new working model has also forced companies to “flee” from expensive city markets to smaller and inland regions. Now, the industry must prepare for the new mindset and related aspects of digital transformation.

Growth Data – Real Estate (Image of the Presentation can be used)

See below the average salaries of the main positions in the real estate industry in Latin American countries: Find out how much a director, general manager, administrative assistant and others earn.

Salary Data - Real Estate (Image with statistics to be defined)

Why it is important to consult the salary guide

  • It allows us to understand the salary difference of organizations in the same field of similar or different sizes;
  • Realize the need to offer adequate remuneration;
  • Develop fair strategies for salary promotion or readjustments;
  • Create efficient plans to attract and retain the best talent and reduce turnover;
  • Efficiently direct the career plan and development of professionals;
  • To get to know the current scenario of companies more deeply, especially on issues related to team structure, job description and therefore optimizing HR.
    Offer benefits above or according to the market that are relevant to employees.
    Remembering that, as important as the salary survey is to use it properly to design and implement compensation policies.

The research done in the salary guide can be done whenever the company deems it necessary and more and more frequently, considering the dynamism and changes in the market. The salary survey must be carried out by a company with credibility in the market and being able to carry out such an initiative in order to present a quality result.

Frequently Asked Questions about Salaries and Opportunities in the Salary Guide


Which profession makes the most money 2022?

— In short, the highlights are the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Health and Engineering. The highest pay is for director and manager positions, which generally require a higher education degree.

Which professions are on the rise in 2022?

— Recruiter specialized in technology, data engineer, data scientist, software engineer, traffic manager and cybersecurity specialist are just a few professions that are on the rise during the year 2022, according to a survey carried out by LinkedIn, a social network focused on career.

What profession earns 20 a month?

— Artists and professionals from television, theater or cinema who achieve good projection earn R$ 21/month. Decorators, Architects and Engineers who excel in their profession also earn very well. Tech careers and C level positions also have excellent pay.

Your salary will depend on the size of the company and how long you have held a position in that institution as well as your results.

Which occupations will grow the most by 2023?

— The areas that will most demand professional training are metal mechanics, construction, logistics and transport, food, information technology, electronics and energy and telecommunications, in addition to professionals with transversal qualifications, who can work both in industry and in other sectors.

— Professions will be on the rise in 2023: Software Engineer.

  • Data Scientist;
  • Digital Game Programmer;
  • Recruiter Specialized in Technology;
  • Social Media Manager;
  • Cybersecurity Specialist;
  • Production engineer.
What profession does not lack a job?
  • Degree courses.
  • Administration.
  • Information Technology.
  • Medicine.
  • Right.
  • Agronomy.
  • Logistics.
  • Nursing.
  • Human Resources.
  • Data Science.
  • Pharmacy and Health.
  • Marketing.
  • Sales and Commercial.
  • Social Communication.
  • Accounting and Finance.
What professions can I work little and earn a lot? You will be surprised, check it out:
  • municipal prosecutor

35 hours per week, which represents R$ 62,50 per hour worked.

  • Teacher in higher education.

— Between 20 and 35 hours a week. A Performing Arts teacher earns, on average, BRL 8.801,26 per month, a Pharmacy and Biochemistry teacher earns on average BRL 6.104,06, on average, while a Zootechnics teacher earns BRL 5.799,92, on average .

  • Researcher in Physics

— Average monthly salary of BRL 8.745,20 with a workload of 33 hours per week.

  • French teatcher

— 23 hours a week and receives a salary of R$ 7.845,53 per month.

  • Mathematical

— 35 hours a week to earn a monthly salary of R$ 7.273,53.

  • Surgeon and other specialties of Medicine

— A general surgeon works 20 hours a week to earn more than R$6.492,30 a month, it is worth remembering, of course, that many have more than one job.

However, there are specialties with an even higher salary, but with greater workloads, which are above 30 hours per week: As a Doctor specialized in Family Health: monthly salary of R$ 12.504,69.

Future professions to watch closely

What are the 12 future/present professions you need to know about?
  1. Software Developer;
  2. Big Data Analyst;
  3. Specialist in Information Security;
  4. Digital Marketing Analyst;
  5. Environmental manager;
  6. Alternative Therapist;
  7. Artificial Intelligence business development manager;
  8. Architect and 3D Engineer;
  9. geneticist;
  10. UX Designer;
  11. Waste Manager;
  12. Sustainability Manager.

What is the profession that stands out in the salary guide in Latin America?

  1. Engineering.
  2. Information Technology.
  3. Finance and Accounting.
  4. Right.
  5. Marketing and Sales Professionals.
  6. Agribusiness
  7. Education
  8. Environment.
What to do after this salary information?

To become a competitive company, with high employability, it is essential that it invests in tools capable of showing the bottlenecks that impact results. A good example would be the HR strategic indicators and data that influence the productivity and retention of talent.

Conducting a climate and engagement survey will point out the greatest needs of professionals. They allow your organization to position itself as an attractive company to attract and retain professionals in the market.

Certainly, it will be easier to devise the tactics necessary to delight candidates according to the company's goals. Aware that the most important gear for all changes to be successful is the appreciation of human capital.

Did you like the content? MyDnA is a salary research company able to support you with your needs!

And what awaits us for the Salary Guide 2023?

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations in all segments operate.
Steering the business in the right direction is crucial to the success of any company and you can't stay out of it.
Understanding how the new Business Ecosystems work, combined with the knowledge of new technologies, many of them disruptive, should be part of the agenda of all market professionals.

In summary, stay tuned with the news in the salary guide. They can affect you, and if you and your company are prepared, you will be ahead in the market!

To the next!

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