How TikTok can help you and your business

How TikTok can help you and your business

For marketers, Facebook is still the most popular choice for social media. Instagram comes in second, while Twitter is third. These three seem to be the hottest platforms for marketing right now, with YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest close behind. However, that's not all there is to social media marketing. TikTok is also entering the scene with promising potential, it can definitely help you and your business. Companies have not yet saturated this platform, providing a good opportunity to be free of competitors.

The best part is that this is just one of the many advantages TikTok has for businesses.

TikTok Advantages That Can Help Boost Your Business

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms. It is the seventh most used social app in the world, placing it above Snapchat and Twitter in 12th and 13th place respectively.

Companies are already on these two apps, so what's stopping them from being on TikTok when it has more users than Snapchat and Twitter combined?

They are losing a huge audience for not being on TikTok. If your target market is between 16 and 24 years old, it is absolutely vital that you bid on this platform. This demographic comprises the majority of the app, making up 41% of users.

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking it's just a fad, but Instagram also started with teens and young adults too, and now millions of businesses are on it.

TikTok is everywhere in the world

The US, India and China account for the most TikTok downloads, but that doesn't mean it isn't popular in other countries. It still has a solid foothold in over 150 countries worldwide and is extremely popular in Brazil.

What does this mean for you? That means you have a chance to reach your market on a global scale.

For businesses in many locations, it's a good way to visualize their marketing strategies. They can create campaigns in different languages ​​to relate to their different markets.

They can also enlist the help of local creators as TikTok also has influencers.

Local influencers are still relevant

Users with 10.000 followers or more are considered micro-influencers. Their catchment area is usually within their own city, so they can be a big part of a local marketing campaign.

They make it possible for small businesses to be on TikTok. These local influencers are preferable because they can interact with the companies they work with personally. It's easier to collaborate that way, and you can be confident that you can reach the right people.

TikTok can help your business as you start to enter an unsaturated platform

Looking at the list of the most popular social apps, we see Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and such. All of them are full of brands trying to connect with their customers.

Do you know which one is still unsaturated? The TikTok.

Marketers are focusing on the aforementioned platforms right now, and they're still not seeing that the pros outweigh the cons on TikTok.

If you ask them to choose between TikTok and Twitter or TikTok and Instagram, they will always choose the latter. After all, they are more established in the social media scene.

Some brands have already started to have an advantage. 

When you count the companies that are already there, you will see that there is a huge gap between the user base and the brands. That's where you come in.

You take advantage of that gap and launch now, when you have even less competition. The fewer companies on the platform, the greater the chances of achieving greater reach.

You can get more user engagement this way. It's easier to cement your place here before everyone else realizes your potential and comes to gather.

TikTok Perks Are In Its Ads

In addition to the hashtag and video challenges you can post in the app, you can also pay to get a top spot on TikTok. This allows you to increase your reach to users who may not be following you yet.

Ads are something of a novelty on TikTok, which is part of the reason we haven't seen many advertisers around. Still, the options are enough to get started. They are customizable as you can target who you want and how you want them.

in-feed video

Your ad appears as another post in your target users' feed. This works in the same way as Instagram or Snapchat. This type of ad has several features such as allowing the user to go straight to your website, or your app download page with one click. It lasts for 15 seconds or less, but users can ignore it if they want.

Brand Acquisition

This allows your ad to take over the entire screen for a few seconds. You can choose to display a static or dynamic image, video or GIF for three to five seconds. As with a video in the feed, you can embed a link that leads to a landing page and place hashtags.

Branded lenses, AR content

TikTok has AR content, stickers, and lenses that users can put on their videos. In this type of ad, you allow users to embed your brand in your content.

Enables an anti-marketing marketing strategy

People don't like ads in general. They skip whenever possible and block ads on websites using tools.

That's because ads tend to appear intrusive. They find that an ad interrupts what they are doing, whether watching a video or scrolling.

One way to make your ad feel less intrusive is to make users feel like the video is part of the platform. TikTok is great for this as you can participate in challenges and/or use a video ad that doesn't look out of place in a user's native feed.

You need to make users feel part of the community. You need to show that you're not another brand that wants to use social media for exposure. Of course, that's your goal, but you can be less upfront about it.

Ads and Videos Get the full attention of users

Any content you publish on the app will get the full attention of your users. Videos usually demand more attention as a person has to pause what they are doing to watch it. They have to focus on the screen and then turn up the volume to complete the viewing experience.

That's why video marketing on all social media platforms works when you do it right. The same goes for TikTok, as one of the biggest perks is that it's all about creating videos. As such, users have already devoted their attention to any content the moment they open the app.

No matter what form of marketing you do on the app, you will generate some interest. You'll generate even more if you become a true part of the community.

There are lower chances of finding passive users. On other platforms, users are more likely to skip or scroll through your post. They tend to scroll without thinking about other apps, so they may not even notice your presence.

TikTok can help your business as the audience is ready to engage

Everyone who joins TikTok is ready to have fun. They are ready to watch some fun videos and challenge attempts, look for a challenge to try for themselves, or create a fun video for their followers.

They are much more willing to interact with your brand as the platform offers many opportunities to do so. They can try your challenge if it seems interesting enough, or “collaborate” with you by doing a duet. Using your hashtags is also enough traction for your marketing strategy to take off.

On TikTok, there is a strong trend probability as well. As users are logging in many times a day, they have a better chance of viewing and interacting with your videos. Even if you are new to the platform and only have a few followers, there is a possibility that you can go viral if you do it right.

You are always up to date on trends

Trends can change in a day, which is not enough time for companies to have fun. Often times, brands try to stay relevant and fail because they were a few days late.

On TikTok, you are at the forefront of trends. All you need to do is log in for the day, and check out the trending videos, hashtags and challenges.

The beauty of this app is that no one expects polished content to come from anyone else. You make the trend and that's it.

There is no preparation, no stories to discuss, and no equipment to prepare. This allows you to push content as quickly as possible, allowing you to stay relevant.

You reduce production costs too, as TikTok trends don't usually involve props and the like. All you need is a phone and a few willing employees most of the time. You do the challenge and that's it. Now you can enjoy your view count.

Small Businesses Are Growing on TikTok: How Can It Help You and Your Business?

From branding and time management to social media tips, small business conversations are already happening on TikTok — all you have to do is join in. There's a TikTok community already waiting for you, whether you want to reach new customers, drive product sales, or simply learn to grow. The impressive view relies on these hashtags that reveal how small business conversations are thriving on the platform:

Small businesses are booming, and so is TikTok — and when the two combine forces, they have the power to drive business results in a big way. Brands old and new are turning to TikTok to be discovered and connect with their communities. Whether you've recently launched your business or are looking to expand an existing brand, our platform offers innovative marketing opportunities that simply don't exist anywhere else. And with a host of free tools and resources designed specifically for small businesses, TikTok can help brands get as high as they want.

Your Brand Story Is Key to Connecting with the TikTok Community: See How It Can Help Your Business

It is the ideal time for brands to connect with consumers. And TikTok is the perfect place for that as users are already in a shopping mindset. For many TikTok users, the main reason they come to our platform is to discover new things — like your brand and your products. They are ready to buy and hungry for inspiration:

– 67% of TikTok users agree that the platform inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

– 74% of TikTok users say TikTok has inspired them to learn more about a product or brand online.

– 66% of TikTok users agree that TikTok has helped them decide what to buy.

As a business owner, you already know that if you wait to get started until you've got it all figured out — you'll be waiting a long time. You just have to jump in and start. The same is true of TikTok. Because our massive audience won't wait — they're looking for the new and the next now, buying and buying and specifically looking for small businesses to support.

Brands Look More Authentic on TikTok

Due to the low production value of your videos, your brand comes across as more authentic. The user base is more accepting of raw content than polished. That's because the latter looks like ads, and we know how users tend to resist when blown up with an ad.

It helps that the content you post is similar to what users do. It will be easier for them to relate to you this way, building trust between consumers and your brand.

However, please note that your TikTok account is still part of your brand. Don't try to do everything that's trendy even if it doesn't align with your brand's personality. Instead of looking authentic, you can look like you're trying too hard to be fashionable.

You can take advantage of user generated content

TikTok gives you plenty of opportunities to create your own content, but you don't even have to do that to reach a large audience. Instead, you can take advantage of user-generated content.

Nike has taken this approach very well. Instead of posting public content, they instead rely on content posted by their fans.

When you search for #Nike on the platform, you will see their marketing strategy. You will see millions of uploads by users with this hashtag. You'll see videos and GIFs of your customers dancing in their Nike shoes, getting creative with them, and so on.

When you think about it, Nike gets a lot of free publicity this way with no effort on their part. As for you, you have to encourage the UGC whenever you can.

Start a conversation towards your brand. Don't forget to make this a part of your TikTok marketing strategy.

Create a TikTok for business account today, this is how you will help your business!

We've explored many of TikTok's advantages, but we've only scratched the surface. There's still a lot to learn about this app, especially since it's a newcomer compared to the heavyweights of the social media realm. We at Colors Agency are excited about its future, however, and how it can shape the next wave of social media marketing.

Get an edge on your competitors by launching a marketing campaign on TikTok today. If you need help, then contact the Colors Agency that we will find out what you need. We want every company to be able to harness the power of TikTok to engage their audience and drive real results. 

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