Virtual store: Learn the secrets to sell online

Creation of Virtual Store / E-Commerce

Have you ever thought about selling your products or services and don't know where to start? Or are you looking for the best options to make your new online store?

We created this page “Virtual Store: Learn the secrets to sell online” to help you in your mission.

Having a prominent place in the world's biggest showcase "the internet" will provide endless opportunities, and reinforce the power of your brand, learn more and hire professional services.

What is a Virtual Store, Should I have one?

A virtual store is a type of website developed on its own platform or on a third-party platform that sells products or services online.

In it, the seller displays his products or services to his target audience, it is expected that essential items for the proper functioning of a store such as payment, delivery, inventory management and marketing tools are present among the development items.

In a virtual store, your products and/or services are presented with photos and detailed descriptions in a way that arouses interest in visitors and has an excellent UX (User Experience).

In addition, the virtual store is created according to the visual identity of your business, giving it a professional look, as the store will have details that will convey credibility and trust to your customer, increasing your sales.

Virtual Store - Colors Agency (Resources included in the contract)

Validated Professional Layout

Use a Layout designed by you or use a structure already proven successful in online sales.

Integrated Inventory (ERP)

We work with different types of inventory system integrations like Bling to simplify your management.

All Payment Methods

Accept in your store credit card with installments, PIX, bank slips, Mercado Pago, Google and Apple Payments and more.

Adding Complimentary Products and Unlimited Capacity

We add up to 100 products for you to your new free store, you add as many products and categories as you want.

SSL Protected Purchase

Your store will feature state-of-the-art encryption, firewall, and Cloudflare technology for robust, free real-time security.

Shipping by Post - Best Shipping - Jadlog - Kangu and Carriers

Our experts will take care of all the programming and integration to get your store ready for shipping.

Plans - Virtual store

What is the Colors Agency Virtual Store Creation Process like?

Calendar with delivery dates in stages, Contract for legal entities and invoice accompanied by the best work methodology for the delivery of a fully functional platform that generates results.

Step 1 - Alignment and Briefing Meeting

In this phase, we align the expectations of what is expected and create the schedule of steps.

Step 2 - Development Phase

Our specialists have already started the services, in a few days you will start to receive the project deliveries according to the schedule in the contract.

Step 3 - Final Review and Online Publication

Here we will make revisions, tests and adjustments for the final publication, stage in which your project is delivered.

Next Step

With everything defined for the creation of the virtual store and time to develop the store, this stage is where everything that has been defined will be transformed into a successful Virtual Store.

We of Colors Agency We are specialists in Modern Virtual Store Creation and with a focus on the user experience by displaying products in different formats, payment through different platforms integrated into the store and sending by mail, as well as other configured methods, we have already developed several types of stores such as: Retail items, wholesale, affiliate links and more.

Request a no-obligation quote for your new project and request a free full SEO analysis from our experts.

We detail in our proposals the main aspects of our work, resources hand-selected specifically for you and we also offer online scheduling for a Meet with a consultant in website creation.

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