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Straight to the point for you! Digital Marketing is the set of practices that a company develops on the internet in order to attract new business, create relationships and reach more and more people in its target audience in the digital world. Among the main strategies are SEO, Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.


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Agência Colors is an agency focused on digital marketing that generates relevance on the internet and social networks for your business. The most used digital marketing strategies nowadays are: Digital Marketing using Sites and Social Networks, SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Blog and email marketing services and notifications via sms/push, among others.

Digital Marketing on the Internet and Google

Growing in Business is directly linked to having more visibility, customers and branding power (branding awareness). There is no doubt, nothing like Internet Marketing can put you in evidence in the biggest showcase in the world, the internet.

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Digital Marketing on Social Media

Social Media is a place in the digital world where people generally spend a lot of time, and it is possible through assertive campaigns through the Facebook Ads platform and the use of appropriate advertising strategies to reach a wide key audience.

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Targeted Content Marketing

More than receiving an offer, your customer needs to receive the offer in the "right" way. This includes a study and targeting of content for each type of audience with a focus on their respective needs and targeted campaigns by customer persona.

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internet marketing

The Main Resources Used For Internet Marketing Are:

Company Website Creation

Without a doubt, having a professional website or online store will take you one step further. And this has nothing to do with simply having a website on the network, but with all the opportunities that come from using this resource, in this case a professional website integrated with the main platforms of Marketing, Ads, Marketplace, Social Networks, we need talk more? Ok, in closing then, a website is your gateway to the internet.

Blog Updated with Focus on Reader Experience

A Blog is one of the most powerful resources there is to spread ideas, bring proximity to your target audience, and enhance your or your business's overall marketing presence on the internet. Not using this tool can be fatal, recent studies show that sites with a well-structured blog receive more visits and have better rankings in the Google search.

Social Media Marketing

The Main Resources Used For Marketing On Social Media Are:

Weekly Posts and ADS Campaigns

Social Media Management basically consists of creating daily or weekly content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks and investing in ad campaigns so that such content reaches its desired audience through the platform settings. These publications can be an offer of a product or service, an explanation or an article to reinforce the company's power on the internet.

Disclosure Through Influencers and Branding

Have you ever wondered how big brands relate to their audience and generate opportunities on social media? We can say that in the world of social media, the image that people shape of a brand is directly related to the communication you use and your influencers. User reactions such as likes, comments, shares and DM are the focus of these marketing actions.

Targeted Content Marketing

Key Resources Used For Targeted Content Marketing:

SEO - Focus on Users and Search Engines

If your goal is to appear in the top positions of search engines with some content such as a blog post, website page or product sales page, without a doubt SEO is the way to go and here are some tips. Focus on the keywords, use them in the title and direct your content in a way that covers the main topics related to it in a clear and objective way for the reader. User experience (UX) and mobile first indexing are highly relevant factors in SEO.

Newsletter, SMS, Push Notifications

I imagined that your customer saw a product and became interested in it, after a few hours he receives an email with a notification that the price has dropped or a notification that the stock is about to run out, nothing can be as powerful as the feeling that a must-see business is there and it could sell out soon or go up in price, our experts work with advanced interactions and audience segmentation on several digital fronts.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want a helping hand to know what you should invest in order to be successful on the Internet with Digital Marketing?

Our team of experts in Digital Marketing separated in an infographic with the Top Marketing Platforms updated for the 2021e scenario on the rise for 2022.

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Our Agency works directly in Digital Marketing and Website Creation, with Google Ads Management and Social Media plans focused on Positive ROI and all the main types of paid and organic campaigns, Plans from R$700,00, 300,00 monthly with credit included and coupon of R$ XNUMX for New Businesses.

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