What is SEO? How to reach the top of searches

Do you want to know what is the secret of companies that stand out on the internet being relevant to different searches? Well, here you will discover not only what SEO is in a practical way, as well as strategies on how to create a successful page with a focus on visibility. 

Search Engine Optimization—Search Engine Optimization: As the name implies, SEO is a set of strategies aimed at optimizing (boosting) and improving the positioning of a website or virtual store on the pages of organic results.

With emphasis on Google, Bing and Yahoo search.

Now what are these organic results? These results are pages that will appear when someone does a simple google search looking for something that interests them. Organic results are the URLs that appear listed, in order of relevance (SEO comes into this part), in search engines, without the use of advertising (non-organic results).

Understand the crucial factors that serve as criteria for companies to stand out with excellent authority / score and SEO content in searches

PLANS- SEO (SEarch Engine Optimization)

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Here are just a few of the on-page SEO factors that can help improve your Google search results rankings:‎

Learn with us the main current strategies to rank consistently, EAT factors, valuable information about what is authority on Google and how to conquer it and you can even hire our refined SEO services, check it out!

The more engaging and effective content you have on your site, the more likely your visitors are to spend time on your site.‎

Here are just a few types of content you can focus on to help improve your content offering.‎

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