Website Platform: Which one to choose to make my website?

Choosing the right website platform for your business can be confusing. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know the right one.

Because of that, we've decided to share a brief list with you comparing the most popular website platforms out there, so you can compare them all at once and know once and for all which platform you should choose for your business.

We hope this helps when you're deciding which website platform to use next!

What are the most popular platforms?

As of 2020, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Shopify are some of the most popular website builders. Many successful websites were built on them.

Keep in mind that there will be a learning curve. So there will be many things you have to learn yourself or hire someone to help you.

The good news is that you can find many easy-to-use tools online, that is, to help you create a professional looking website.

So, before choosing a website builder, make a careful assessment of your goals, budget, time and willingness to learn. Then find out about the pros and cons of each platform you are considering.

To help you get started, I have prepared a list with all the details of the 3 most popular website builders mentioned here.


WordPress is a content management system as well as open source software that you can use to create a website or blog.

The term “open source software” means that the original source code of a software is freely open to the world and then can be redistributed and modified.

WordPress is the industry standard for website platforms. Currently, 36% of all websites in the world are powered by WordPress. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to grow and customize your site however you like.

One of the options can be downloaded from, in addition you will need to upload it to your web hosting using an automatic installer. You can customize the templates, but you can also use add-ons to create your ideal website. 

Many people follow this path, however there is one more option. The hosted version of WordPress allows you to create your own website on

The choice of version will depend a lot on your needs. If you already have a website hosting, the best option is to use

As pros of this choice:

  • Professional Sites
  • Design freedom and flexibility
  • Unlimited functionality and extensibility options
  • Extremely compatible with e-commerce
  • Great for SEO


  • You need to purchase hosting separately. Although using the WordPress platform is free, you cannot buy a domain or hosting through WordPress itself.
  • Slight language learning curve and usage for beginners.

The possibilities are endless when you use WordPress. Whether you're running a blog, online store, or retail services, WordPress is capable of growing with you.

We may sound biased, but when you're choosing the right platform for your site, we truly believe WordPress is perfect for any business owner, no matter how new or advanced you are.


Weebly's ease of use is second to none: it's probably the easiest website builder on the market. Which explains the 50 million websites that have already been created by this platform.

Every new feature they add is conducive to it – the webshop and members space being two good examples of this. The content management system has also been structured to be compatible with larger sites, as a Weebly site can easily span over 150 pages.


  • on paid plans there is no storage or bandwidth limit.
  • The plan includes a site search feature, as well as video and audio players, so you can propose streaming content directly from your site.
  • stylish and responsive themes that adapt perfectly to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • smart page template system to further customize it to your needs.
  • wide range of extra features created by Weebly and third parties.


Although the App Center is very good, you won't find as many apps as in Wix's App Market. Also, it looks like it's been releasing far fewer features since it was bought by Square. Portuguese is not supported, so to use Weebly it is best to know some English.


Squarespace is an elegant option for building and hosting your website. Its easy-to-use platform allows you to create good landing pages, a clear customer “travel map” and a professional yet easy-to-maintain website. You can take a look at your business plan for all Squarespace professional users, which gives you unlimited pages as well as all Squarespace features.


  • Easy to use;
  • have beautiful models;
  • all-in-one option for domain, hosting and design, letting you get up and running quickly;
  • includes options for eCommerce.


  • More expensive than WordPress;
  • not fully customizable;
  • most templates are for setting up websites, not blogs;
  • not ideal for setting up podcasts.

for brochure or information style websites.

if you want to get online as quickly as possible, you also don't want to be overwhelmed by options;

for beginners or anyone who is intimidated by technology.


Wix is ​​another drag-and-drop website builder platform that is geared towards beginners, plus it offers a free plan, allowing you to run this service without having to put your hand in your pocket. In addition, you benefit from one of the most used website editors on the market.

This platform can be run in ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) mode, which offers a basic interface, that is, to keep everything really simple and easy to use. This is great for beginners as they can build a basic website quickly and effectively.

Anyone who wants to get involved in improving website design can access the full Wix platform, which has powerful functionality, plus the ability to enhance your website and make it look exactly how you want it.

As pros, we can present some points:

  • Professional Sites
  • Very easy and intuitive to use
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Easy to install and update;
  • cheap;
  • highly customizable with endless theme options;
  • flexible to start a blog;
  • in constant development;
  • supported by a global community that publishes free documentation online. This is very useful for solving technical issues;
  • thousands of plugins available (free and paid) for more functionality;
  • good for appearing in Google search results through SEO;
  • have specific themes available for podcasters and/or Youtubers.


  • Limited Designs and Functionality
  • Not So Robust for SEO
  • No control of your hosting

Although quite easy to move and intuitive, Wix has limited growth capabilities. If you are building a long-term business, this is not the best option for you.


If your main goal is to sell goods online, you can't go wrong with Shopify. It's an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, that is, designed to help you sell products and manage your inventory. It offers thousands of themes, most of them including the ability to add a blog.

There are a number of apps you can add to the system to improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Many of Shopify's features (such as automatic categorization of new items) can make large inventories easier to manage.


  • Easy to use;
  • has lots of cute themes to choose from;
  • designed to showcase and sell your products (both physical and digital);
  • e-commerce options already built in.


  • Expensive;
  • more focused on eCommerce than blogs;
  • extra paid apps and plugins and plugins used to add functionality can add costs quickly.


When choosing the right website platform, there are many options to consider. Ultimately, we favor WordPress over all other website management platforms.

While WordPress has a learning curve (like anything new you try!), it is very versatile and is able to grow with you as your business grows.

In WordPress you can create anything from a blog to a virtual store, that is, the platform meets different goals.

If you're not sure what you want, then check out your competitors or other sites for inspiration. In that case, we recommend that you write what you want to do with your website? What are your goals and what features would you like to see on your website.

For example, you can write things like: have a blog section, photo gallery, online store (eCommerce), booking system, contact form, SEO features, social media features etc.

Most website builders offer an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for building your new website. You can take advantage of trial accounts (free plans) or the generous test drive money back guarantee, that is, before you make your final decision.

With Colors Agency, we guarantee much more than just an attractive look as well as a modern layout for your website. Our main focus is to offer companies around the world effective solutions, that is, to generate visibility on the internet.

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