Why Create a Website in 2021

In a digital world like today create a website it may seem somewhat archaic. But have you ever stopped to think about the reasons for creating a website in 2021?

The age of the internet and the online world is real and our duty is to be a part of it. Social media, for example, helps a lot in our online presence, but it's not enough.

Think of the following situation: you have an account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all other social media. Suddenly something happens and your accounts are deleted. And now? How to proceed?

Create a website It gives you the security of having a place of your own, under your command and according to your preferences. What's more, your website will hardly be deleted from the platform out of the blue.

Advantages of Creating a Website

Thinking about all this, we can list the main advantages of creating a website:

  • Being online: being part of the virtual world is being aware that digital dominates today;
  • Get noticed: they say you're not seen, not remembered, in the online world it's much easier to be seen;
  • Be found in Google searches: Google is seen by millions of people daily, appearing in searches can greatly increase your success;
  • More detail on your products: on social media you don't have much space to show yourself, creating a website centralizes all the information that makes your customer identify with you and your products;
  • Credibility and strength in the market: a website makes you more secure and accessible to customers, consequently, your brand has greater credibility and strength in the market;
  • One more sales channel: you can have stores on social media, physical stores and even create a website and sell even more;
  • Exposure of your brand all the time: unlike social media, where your content has an expiration date, creating a website makes you available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in other words: more accessible. Your customer can buy while you sleep, for example;
  • Expansion of social media: creating content can attract an audience that is interested in your product, having a website to direct them and show your entire catalog is very important. On the website you can have more space and freedom of creation, as well as a greater chance of making a sale.

How relevant is creating a website?

In addition to the benefits listed above, create a website makes your company gain notoriety on the internet. Since being online is the best way to win people over, create a website it's the best way to be seen by them.

Having a website is like having a showcase of your internet business. Just as in physical stores you leave a beautiful and attractive window for customers, the site works the same way.

An online storefront is a way to drive your target audience to the shopping cart even when they don't need it. Create a website it's like creating a bond between companies and customers, an online connection that connects, brings and captivates.

When you're strolling through the aisles of a shopping mall, what catches your attention? Beautiful shop windows, concept stores, vendors with a smile on their faces? The reasons for making you enter a store are many, but what about the internet? What catches your attention?

Without a doubt, social media can even show you a product and make you want it, but it is on the website that you are looking to acquire it, right? Selling through the site is much easier to accomplish than through social media chat. Simply because speed in our daily lives is essential.

We want fast and quality services. Expecting an answer about availability, specific information or even payment methods may not be immediate.

The more time your customer spends trying to get information, the less sales are made. I.e: create a website directs the customer to all the information necessary to make the purchase. Much faster, easier and more efficient than message sales on social media.

How to create a website?

Create a website it's not that difficult and it no longer needs to be targeted to a specific team. There are currently several easy and even intuitive website builders to assist you in creating. You can create, structure and customize a website without major difficulties.

First of all, you need to think about hosting and domain of it. Hosting is where your website is stored while the domain is the address. If you don't have hosting, you don't have a website. If you don't have a domain, you don't have where to direct access.

After registering the domain, and hiring the hosting, you choose a website builder. For create a website you need to choose which will be the best website creator according to your goals. There are a lot of articles about website creators online, researching which one fits your profile can be the hardest part.

Lastly, you need to structure and customize the website with templates, fonts and everything else you want.

What to publish on your website?

A very common question when thinking about create a website is: what will I post on my website? And this is the easiest part after defining some essential points.

First, you need to know your target audience and create content according to their priorities. Create a website just to have a showcase of your products online works. However, if you can show their usefulness, you can dramatically increase your audience and your sales.

A blog about your products, the main uses, advantages and benefits has the power to leverage access and consumption. The closer to the customer, the more comfort and credibility they feel in their purchases. Therefore, creating a relationship by understanding your customer's main doubts and desires is like embracing him virtually.

People identify with people, a tone aimed exactly at your consumer attracts and captivates. Earn your place as number 1 in his heart and leverage his virtual power of influence.

Definitely create a website it is the most genuine way to create a connection between company, product and customer. Mainly because of the approach that the internet delivers to the online world. Being close, even far away, is a way to take care and delight your customer.

Why create a website?

Answering the question from the beginning, create a website it is the way to make yourself present and available. It is like a care that you have thinking about the well-being and comfort of your target audience.

While social media has incredible power to reach people, a website has the power to delight them. Awakening interest is a service of social media, creating relationships is the website's duty.

Not to mention that, as mentioned above, you can have a network with thousands of followers, fans, etc. and suddenly get banned. How will you be able to reach customers without a website? Create a website it gives you the assurance that your publications are not at risk of being lost. As well as the right to publish regardless of how the algorithm works.

Undeniably create a website it's taking control of everything you can and want to do. Unlike social media that control you and reduce the reach of your publications. When you have subscribers to your own website, everyone receives the requested notifications.

Dealing with Google's search engine and mastering ranking techniques are simpler. Social media requires work adapted to algorithms that are constantly changing. Ranking a website in Google searches requires studies and knowledge.

After all, create a website It gives you creative freedom and longer exposure time in search engines. Surely someone who follows you through social media can go after your site. The opposite path rarely happens, but you still have a way to link the two.

Creating a website guarantees you loyalty

Credibility, trust, creative freedom, longer exposure time in search engines are some of the best points in create a website. In addition to being able to get closer to the consumer and help them with tips on usage, consumption, storage and everything that improves the experience.

While create a website it's your way of offering more than just products to your customer. Customer loyalty to your company and your product will certainly be your gift.

Create a website it's the same as creating bonds. Ties that can be tightened over time and always converted into trustworthiness. Nothing attracts more than a company that cares about providing meaningful experiences to its customers.

So, are you already convinced? Have you found out why create a website in 2021? It is certainly an advantageous practice and full of advantages, all that remains is to know how to adapt your message to your target audience.

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