What's the best way to get paid traffic?

paid traffic

What's the best way to get paid traffic?

You apply the paid traffic in your strategy of Digital marketing

If you've read about it, but don't know the best way to use this method, we can help. 

If you have a Website, Facebook or Instagram, you know how important a large number of visitors and interactions is. O paid traffic has this differential of increasing the reach of your content and increasing its relevance.  

Imagine your website or social network in the black hole of the internet without visits, interactions and requests for a quote… it's a feeling of failure, isn't it!?

But you don't have to be discouraged. With a good strategy paid traffic your business will have many positive results. 

Find in the next lines, the answers to develop the best strategy of paid traffic.  

By discovering these methods, you will be able to understand how this plan is one of the Best Digital Marketing Strategies

Get introduced to interesting insights to improve your company's visibility through sponsored content.

Continue with us in the next lines. 

But first I want to help you with a tip. Want to know how your company is doing in terms of website visits? Use this tool: Google Search Console. A resource that helps you evaluate the performance of your website and in a technical way exposes the number of visits. 

Paid Traffic: Do You Really Know What It Is?

Paid traffic is a resource to expand the reach of websites and social networks to a larger number of people, that is, the audience most likely to buy your service or product. 

People come to websites, virtual stores and posts, through advertisements that are in force for a certain period. 

The most popular platforms paid traffic are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Also used for product launches and promotions. 

With Google Ads it is possible to create sponsored ads that will be displayed at the top of search pages. 

In Facebook Ads it is possible to boost a post and make it have more visibility, likes, shares and comments. 

Both work as direct links to other pages to generate more visits. Traditional options for paid traffic

When the ad's link period ends and the amount applied to this content ends, it goes offline. That's why it's important to intelligently manage the formatting of paid advertising. 

In your opinion: Is it worth investing in paid traffic

Why do you need paid traffic? 

about the need to paid traffic for your business at the moment, have a working meeting with your team and ask yourself what is more important: immediate or lasting results? 

To reap the rewards now from a user's search for your business on Google, the strategy of using a sponsored ad is the best choice. 

If you want to build a long-term reputation for your business with lasting results and without spending a budget on Google, you need to invest in optimized content in Search Engine Optimization  

Companies that seek balance in their results, invest so much in paid traffic as in organic (one that relies on regular content creation and SEO knowledge).  

Before passing strategies to make paid traffic, let's understand how dynamics work.

Paid traffic in practice 

There are two ways to effect payment of the sponsored ad on Google Ads: 

cost per click 

By choosing this modality, your money will be credited to the campaign when your link is clicked. 

This variant of sponsored ad is indicated for those who want a page that receives more visits. 

However, if your company is new to the market and needs to promote the brand, service or product, the best alternative is:

cost per thousand 

You will only be charged after Google displays your paid advertising XNUMX times. The algorithm works as a tireless promoter of your paid campaigns.   

Paid traffic is beneficial as the visitor-to-customer conversion rate is often high and boosts your website's reputation online. 

Understand one point: you don't have to spend tons of money to be successful with paid advertising.

Just follow the tips below. 

Ads platforms that make paid traffic 

Google Ads is the platform responsible for targeting, qualifying and displaying ads on Google and partner search engines. 

In addition to directing the sponsored ad to the ideal audience, it is possible to access A/B tests that help in understanding the content that works best for certain people. 

The Facebook Ads  was mentioned at the beginning of this article. Integrated with Instagram with the possibility of linking the same sponsored ad on both platforms, it is an excellent option to increase visits to your website, as it allows the insertion of a link. 

Read also: Does Facebook Ads work? Find out here!

About the generation of Paid Traffic for Instagram, the use of Instagram Ads is the most logical choice to increase the reach of feed posts, stories and videos. 

Does your company depend on videos within the content production strategy for the internet? Look…the You Tube Ads exists for your channel to reach a large audience with well-structured ads. 

But what if your company works within a B2B scenario? I recommend investing in paid traffic on Linkedin Ads. In addition to dialoguing better with your target audience, the ad placement options follow the access logic of the user who, opening Linkedin, looks at the Feed, the Inbox and the Sidebar. 

Now is the time for practical tips. 

How to get the best paid traffic for your business 

The first step towards achieving the best paid traffic for your business is to know the needs, expectations, pains and desires of your persona (the ideal customer profile). 

Be honest about your promises contained in the sponsored ad. 

If the delivery to the interested party is not what he expects, your business will be negatively marked. 

Use logic when choosing the ideal target audience for your paid campaign

Choose groups of people who are similar in age, gender, and preferences. This movement will be essential for the correct targeting of the ad. 

Work your ad message with a focus on people's desires and anxieties. In this way, crucial points in the mind of the recipient of the content will be awakened and will lead them to make a decision. 

When deciding which message to link to when creating paid traffic keep in mind the action the persona should take after reading your ad. She needs to know what she will find on your page after clicking the link. 

Ah…one more thing. 

Do you already have a website for your company? 

I'll be very honest with you: Without an internet address to call your own, the paid traffic lose a lot. 

Create a website it's like owning your own home in the digital world. A business needs an address on the internet territory to convey credibility. 

Imagine inviting several people to an event without an address to comfortably accommodate them to review and purchase what you have to offer. 

It would be a real fiasco, wouldn't it?

With paid traffic is no different. It's no use investing in the perfect invitation for people. 

Where will you formally showcase your business? A website is the perfect choice. 

What can we conclude about paid traffic?

Now you know what's the best way to do it. paid traffic. Understand how it works, know the main Ads platforms and the importance of a website. 

This strategy has different ways of being executed and with different traffic sources. Always try to establish the goal of creating the sponsored campaign and define what is best for your business. 

Don't forget: Your persona is your guide to formulating a successful ad that is consistent with the objectives set out in the paid traffic.  

For example, advertising on Google relies on a website to target visitors who clicked on the link because they were attracted to the message. 

A fact that needs to be mentioned is that the public that accesses Facebook is different from the one that uses Linkedin as a source of information and interaction for the B2B public. 

Before shelling out a budget for paid traffic, learn one truth: 

It's not about how much money you put into paid campaigns, it's about how people's minds work. 

If you have knowledge in research and audience mapping, I'll give you a touch: study your ideal customer like there's no tomorrow. 

The source of success is there. 

Still having questions about paid traffic? 

For your service team to receive qualified contacts to make sales and for your brand to be widely known, it is a great idea to invest in paid traffic. 

I hope this content can help you achieve expressive results for your sales to take off for good. 

Want to exchange an idea about your experience with paid traffic? 

Still unsure about getting started? 

Contact and talk to a Colors Agency specialist.

Because they love what they do, they will love to hear from you! 


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