2022 SEO Trends: Know What They Are!

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2022 SEO Trends

SEO generates 1000 times the amount of traffic as social media. This quantifies its importance in the evolving content market, which provides the corporate sector with over 60% of leads. That's why it's important to know the trends, and that's why SEO experts firmly believe that by 2022, SERP rankings will depend more on quality content and images in line with the EAT principles.

The shift from keyboard to voice culture and the rise of AI tools are expected to bring groundbreaking changes in the SEO arena. 

For now, let's highlight the forecasted SEO trends for 2022.

2019 witnessed 49% of the snippets submitted, which led to the zero-click survey. These provide users with short, accurate answers to their survey, while reducing organic CTR.

However, the other side of the image dictates something else. Featured snippets increase your chances of getting a click if your content speaks of quality and intrigues users to go into detail about it.

The knowledge chart displays brand logos on a carousel with accurate information, thereby increasing brand awareness.

These are also awesome portals for video snippets where a few keywords can make you beat the SERP. Optimize schema marking to get the best profits.

Images for Google Lens

10,1% of traffic is derived from Google images. With increasing qualities of the camera, people prefer to scan objects from Google Lens to know its peculiarities.

In addition to aesthetics, images serve as a great tool to convince users about the look and quality of a product in a matter of seconds. For example, if a customer finds the product of their choice through Google Images, they can be redirected to Amazon to instantly purchase for them.

It is advisable to modify the alt text with relevant keywords, deploy infographics and watermarks to increase the chances of creating an animated marketing funnel.

AI-assisted voice search

2022 will be the golden year, where nearly 55% of homes will be equipped with AI-powered assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Kleiner Perkins reports a 35x increase in voice search frequency (2008-16), done in nearly 60 languages. This requires the inclusion of advanced SEO tactics to align with this new revolution.

RankBrain, Bert and NLP algorithms are the brains behind picking up appropriate answers for voice search. The faster a page loads, the better its chances of being included in the voice search.

Listing your page in Google My Business and national directories makes it searchable for typical “near me” queries. Backlinks, entities mapping work and schema optimization are suggestive tools to overcome voice search SERP.

Mobile site indexing

As 87% of users use the internet on mobile phones, a responsive site is expected to host more visitors, hence longer living time. Visit the Google Search Console to check the crawler for indexing.

Structure your site accordingly to fit the most important text on the page, rate PageSpeed ​​insights, and rate navigation efficiency.

Enhance your content to get you signed in to Google Discover, the personalized social media of 2022.

In the SEO industry, things are changing very quickly, so you can't predict what the next new thing will be tomorrow.

The only thing that is constant in the field of SEO is change. This means that if you want to succeed in the SEO game, then you need to keep up to date with the new 2022 SEO trends so that you can optimize your website accordingly to rank higher on Google.

You know, Google is searched for about 3,5 billion queries every day. Big competitions, but to beat the competition and take the golden ladder to the front page of Google SERP.

We've created a detailed list of the latest 2022 SEO trends that you can include within your business strategies to reap the benefits.

Core Web Vitals

It consists of three main metrics that include the highest content paint, the first entry delay, and the cumulative layout change. The web's top vitals can help you measure your site's top areas of improvement for a better user experience.

Google's Core Web Vitals is all set to evaluate the user experience of a webpage in the context of its responsiveness, load time, as well as visual quality, and it deepens the load speed of a website, considering aspects such as .

  • The loading speed of a page's main content
  • Amount of time the webpage takes to become interactive
  • Unusual layout change

Optimizing your site for Google's top web vitals can keep you ahead of most of your fellows who aren't yet familiar with the latest crucial SEO trend of 2022.

Adapt to Automation and features de SEO in 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are quickly moving into pre-existing standard business models, causing anguish over the possibility of major changes in the business world and the system by which they operate. More automation will be included in the SEO process because of AI.

AI helps in better data analysis and therefore can easily help in automating complicated procedures.

Machine learning is a type of AI that improves your performance and automatically makes predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so with the help of data.

With the availability and abundance of a large number of data sources on social media linked to consumers, opponents or industries, Machine Learning is expected to automatically learn from them on its own.

Including this automation can help you move away from the difficult pattern generation and tiresome tasks of audience and market analysis and also help you stay ahead of the competition.

Focus on pass indexing

Passage indexing is a new feature of Google search results. Where Google extracts the relevant passage from any of the web pages according to the relevance of the query, even if the overall topic of the page is slightly different.

Natural language and long-tail search queries are the focus of pass-through indexing. Longer content, such as articles and how-to tutorials, will likely benefit from this.

Expertise, Authority and Reliability (EAT)

Google uses EAT to provide accurate, truthful, as well as useful information to its researchers. We are free to create a website and publish whatever we want on it.

You don't necessarily need to be a professional to post on a particular domain, for example, you don't need to be a doctor or have a financial degree to post health-related information or write about investments.

Although this is a positive thing in some respects. However, it creates a challenge for Google. It's a general trend of people nowadays to Google everything before making important decisions and so, it is based on the information they find in the search results.

To avoid any misinformation in these cases, then Google strives to ensure that such judgments are based on the most reliable information available.

EAT refers to Expertise, Authority and Reliability. It relies on Google Search Quality Rating guidelines to determine what is required for quality content.

The Guide allows SEO experts and companies to understand what Google considers a high-quality content element.


Experience is having the inside knowledge of your domain. For example, if a person lacks health skills and experience, but blogs their own philosophies and diagnoses of health-related issues, it is almost impossible to rank higher than an established health care provider or provider; mostly, expertise suggests whether the writer is an expert on the topic at hand.


The purpose of authority is to demonstrate that your website is an authority in your field. The amount of backlinks you have from relevant and authoritative sites contributes to your site's authority.

For example, if your website is an online fashion store and fashion publications start mentioning your brand in their online articles and linking to your website, your authority will grow as search engines begin to recognize your website as recommended and trusted.


The term “reliability” refers to how trustworthy your website is. This can be shown by having a secure domain that protects users' confidential information as well as receiving strong customer feedback.

Focus on user search intent

Keep your job objective in mind before setting off on a journey through its vast scope of ideas. Stick to questions like: "How do you want your product and services or content to be seen by your audience?" and "What value will this post bring back to your company?"

There are mainly three types of intentions: transactional, navigational and informational.

Informational intent: These are posts focused solely on delivering information about a specific topic, tool, etc. These posts must be detailed and extensive.

Navigation intent: A navigation query is a search made by the user to find the specific website in search engines. This means that by doing their research then they are very clear where they need to go without scrolling through all the result pages.

Transactional intent: In this intent, the user intends to buy something, download something, join or register, and so on.

Likewise, you must be very clear of the intent from both a user's and a research point of view, this will help you provide users with exactly what they want.

mobile SEO is the key

Mobile surveys are growing beyond our expectations compared to desktop surveys. Globally, 68,1% of all visits to the website in 2020 came from mobile devices, an increase of 63,3% in 2019, finally, desktops made 28,9% of visits.

This implies that many of your potential consumers are likely to reach your content via mobile devices, so mobile SEO enhancements ensure they can.

The main objective for those who want to appear doing SEO in 2022 for mobile is to provide their website visitors with an excellent user experience. It's about ensuring that your mobile site loads smoothly and flawlessly, as well as providing useful information that suits the user's search intent.

It's necessary to have a perfect mobile website in today's mobile-first environment. O mobile first SEO helps you drive traffic from search results to your website.

While there are multiple search engines, Google is the most essential when it comes to mobile SEOs. That's because approximately 95% of people use Google as their preferred search engine.

Create quality content

I'll try to explain with an example, assuming you are a content consumer. You want to start your own business and you are determined. The stress of not being able to pay your mortgage bothers you.

And when browsing the internet you come across a manual on how to start a business, which has all the information from zero to advanced level in detail to help you clarify all your doubts.

You'll perceive this site as an industry expert due to its quality content and come back time and again to learn more about business startups. As a result, you will start taking steps to create your own business.

That's why long form content has become the hot topic in search engine optimization. A similar technique involves adding relevant keywords into the content organically.

semrush content statistics

These statistics are enough to show the importance of content in a long way within your SEO strategy.

Optimize the brand for SERP

The term “SERP brand” describes how your business presents itself to searchers when they place your brand in the Google search box. The first impression users get of your brand is a list of search results. The CTR and conversion rate for your website are determined by this. This is simply why brand SERP optimization is so important to your 2022 SEO strategies.

Create an Optimized Google My Business Profile

It's your job as a business owner to inform search engines about your business and your offerings. This is how search engines recognize and share accurate information with internet users

Focusing on all your business information such as working hours, contact number, services, photos, reviews, as well as a direct map link, create the perfect Google My Business profile.

Improve factual accuracy

Google is right to do whatever it can to improve the searcher experience. It is always working to eliminate misleading and in addition to ensure that web users get useful answers to their surveys.

Therefore, Google favors material it believes to be factually correct. In addition, as a merchant, you have a responsibility to ensure that the information you are transmitting is factually verified and correct to your knowledge.

Add video content

Videos have the potential to improve a company's digital presence, increase traffic and ultimately increase sites' rankings in search engine results.

Investing efforts as well as resources in video content creation can yield incredible returns from both SEO and marketing prospects.

It is estimated that by 2022, video streaming and downloads would account for 82% of global internet traffic.

Informative and engaging video material should therefore be incorporated into your SEO campaign. You can't ignore the need for organic site visits due to the addition of high quality video content by 2021.

To improve the user experience with semantics, then voice technology is another step in the right way To detect speech and its elements, it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Conclusion on SEO trends for 2022

As an entrepreneur, you need to keep up to date with new SEO trends for sustainable growth in 2022.

Understand that the scope of SEO expands every day and climbing higher in SERP search results is not a cake. Search engine optimization is a complicated but important element of digital presence in online competition.

But if you apply what's being mentioned in this article, the results will definitely show up.

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