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The Colors Agency has expertise in the solution of website creation of all types for different companies, whether small or large corporations, we also work in SEO content creation (optimized) for users with the focus on UX, campaign management Google Ads, systems development and we also develop Web Interfaces.  Our company has already served hundreds of clients in Brazil and around the world, whether large clients in the public and private sector, small entrepreneurs and startups.

For Wesley Miranda, CEO of Agência Colors, customers are increasingly aware and demanding about the delivery and results of a new project.

Companies looking for Colors Agency look for excellence and SEO-optimized sites that are modern, customers understand that quality content and user experience are vital aspects of their business.

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Main Solutions and Activities of the Colors Agency

Creating Sites

Institutional and manageable sites and easy management / integration with digital mkt tools

Agência Colors works with the development of responsive websites in WordPress with strategies to strengthen your company.

Virtual store

E-commerce with payment, shipping, categories and all the main features

Our team of designers and programmers create Virtual Shops modern and focused on the user experience, which will work to make your virtual store look unique and exclusive.

Digital marketing

Grow Business with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and Organic Traffic

Our team of professionals applies digital marketing strategies to promote brands, services and products in the digital environment. Positioning the product or service in such a way that consumers come to you.

Search Engine Optimization

Website Optimization with a focus on the best user experience and high visibility on the internet and social networks

With the best practices in SEO and website development, Agência Colors works on website optimization, making it possible to increase ranking/positioning in Google's organic search results.

Google Ads

Ad Campaigns

Employees with expertise in Google Ads develop specific campaigns so that you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be. A very quick and more immediate way to put your website, service and/or product in view of potential customers.

Agency Specialized in Web Solutions

Our specialists work from the moment of project planning, to the practical development and programming of the entire layout in a CRM such as WordPress or handcrafted with code in PHP, HTML5, Javascript and other languages. 

One of the greatest references in excellence in the execution of its services and focuses on the high satisfaction of its customers by bringing life, and innovation, giving a new breath to business in the digital world.

A process and high understanding in the briefing and planning in an intelligent way with the use of modern and sophisticated tools that guarantee high success rates for projects of different scopes.

What stands out among the solutions offered is the advanced SEO that adds power to our clients' businesses, we also work with innovative solutions in digital marketing and we optimize websites for a better user experience.

Colors Agency is a company specialized in Web development. It has stood out in the market for years. website development e digital marketing industry. Colors has specialized professionals and the expertise years in the website creation and digital marketing sector, standing out among the best website companies  for creativity and innovation in the provision of its services.

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Digital Services That Help Increase Sales and Strengthen Your Brand

SEO Optimization

The Colors Agency works with advanced SEO techniques, your company can get a competitive advantage in the search results of Google and other search engines. Get a customized strategy from our team and start generating revenue.


PPC is nothing but a Google engine used to generate clicks within your site. In other words, instead of you appearing organically during a search in the search engine, you're going to pay for your site to be at the top.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an alternative to attract the target audience and form a network of customers and potential consumers of the products and services offered by your company. The initiative is based on the generation of relevant content, which presents technical information and generates value, influencing the positive perception of the brand.

Social Medias

About 75% of people turn to social media when making a purchase decision. Use digital marketing services for advertising and social media marketing to your advantage. Build brand awareness, loyalty and customer satisfaction with a competitive and personalized strategy.

Creating Sites

Colors Agency works with website optimization and SEO consulting so that your website or virtual store becomes an online sales machine. You will start getting visitors daily, and naturally budgets will start to increase.

Creation of Virtual Stores

The creation of a virtual store can generate excellent results, since the expenses to maintain a physical point of sale can be minimized or even cut. Sell ​​online simply and with a store on one of several platforms such as Woocommerce, Prestashop, Cloudshop and others.

blog creation

O blog It is critical to attract targeted and free traffic to the website. In it, your customer can produce content relevant to your potential customers and positively affect conversions in the funnel at the top and middle of the funnel. A good blog is the key to a marketing strategy. inbound marketing successful.

Digital Branding Consulting

Create brand conceptualization strategies and planning. The consultancy of branding must offer more than taking care of the company's visual identity. The aim is to make the brand conquer a unique position in the mind and heart of the consumer.

brand authenticity

Every company, just like a person, has a personality. This personality can define the company's competitive edge. It is important that the brand is able to express itself authentically and create a connection with its personas through its distribution channels (website, blog, social media, etc.)

Your agency can help with this process of building and implementing the brand's tone of voice. To create an ideal tone of voice, it is necessary to acquire in-depth knowledge about the audience and also define how the company positions itself in the market.

definition of personas

Buyer personas are characters that faithfully represent the target audience of a business. It is for them that all marketing actions are directed; they serve as a guide for everything that is done in offer creation, communication efforts, and sales strategy.

Working with the definition of buyer personas must start from the premise that the research will result in the identification of the real customer and not the one idealized by the company.

E-mail marketing

Sending email marketing is still a technique of marketing direct widely used by companies.
Your agency can offer an e-mail marketing and mailing creation service with the purpose of strengthening the relationship with customers, promotional notices, commemorative e-mails, dissemination of products or services, invitations to events, incentive actions to update customer data, campaigns to increase the registered customer base, among others.

interactive marketing

It consists of creating interactivities such as promotions, sweepstakes, contests, applications, among other differentiated actions that can be worked on according to the company's needs and profile.

Landing Page Creation

Creation of a page with the goal of converting leads that could become future business opportunities.
It is necessary to offer something in exchange for the visitor's data, such as: Ebooks, webinars, diagnostics or free tools.

Marketing Automation - Lead Nurturing and Qualifying

Offer the possibility of nurturing leads through (authorized) emails with content related to the user's interests. This helps advance the sales funnel stages automatically.

In addition to getting a good lead base, it is essential to qualify them. When the number of leads increases a lot, it is possible to offer the customer this service so that they can be identified which leads have a better profile when offering products or services.

Why use the Colors Agency Solutions?

Agência Colors is specialized in producing stable, fast and intuitive technological products. We wear your company's shirt, because we want you to have the tool exactly in the way that best suits you.

Our development team specializes in listening to your needs and then suggesting the most relevant features to achieve your business goals.

If you are looking for a digital marketing company to improve your ranking in search results, redesign your website for a marketing review or revamping your content marketing strategy, our team and custom plans are the perfect choice.

With the Colors Agency at your company's side, we can help you:

  • generate more leads
  • increase your reach
  • Improve your website experience
  • Engage your target audience
  • Connect with your customers
  • And more!

Digital Solutions for Companies that Want Visibility in Search Engines

The Colors Agency provides optimization of Search Engine Optimization and continuous content production. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your business was on the first page of Google? 

We are experts in Search Engine Optimization, and we can make the positioning of your site in search engines a great competitive advantage for your company. Colors Agency can help you!

  • SEO Strategy
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Oriented Content
  • Keyword tracking and reporting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Monthly SEO Report

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